Top 5 Ways to Cast White Magic Spells

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White magic spells are meant to assist either yourself or the people you love. If cast incorrectly, some white magic can backfire and turn what should have been a good thing into a horrible mess. There are many things you can do to ensure the white magic spell you want to cast will have only the intended effect without causing any harm to yourself, your loved ones or anyone else.

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Meditating before casting a spell will help clear your mind. Ensures your thoughts are focused solely on wht you are trying to cast. This will avoid any interfering thoughts that could taint the white magic spells you’re trying to cast.

White Objects

White represents purity and will drive away any bad spirits or thought that may attempt to creep into your spell casting. White candles are especially useful though wearing white gloves or spreading white baby powder, talk or chalk over the work area will also add purity to the white magic spells.

Moon Phases

The waning moon is ideal for most white magic spells as it represents clearing away the past – such as possible bad feelings – and cleansing. Meditating under a waning moon before casting white magic spells will ensure a cleared mind. Alternatively, if there is no moon, it may be beneficial to some white magic as well. This moon phase represents peace and tranquility, which like the waning moon, will help your thoughts about the spell be as clear as possible.

Be Descriptive

The more descriptive you are while spell casting, the less likely the spell will be to backfire. For example, if you are casting a money spell, you do not want one of your relatives to die just so they can leave you money in a will. Even adding a line such as, “May no harm come to others for my wishes” can curb ill effects.

Use Proper Language

Slang may be common when you talk with your friends or online, but if you are casting a spell asking for a way to earn $100 extra this month, don’t ask for 100 bucks. That spell may not give you what you’re hoping for; 100 male deer roaming your garden, anyone? The more accurate – and less slang-y – your language is, the more accurate your white magic spells will be.

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Top 5 Ways to Cast White Magic Spells, Seekyt
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