Top 5 Ways to Find Babysitting Jobs in My Area

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When you’re young – or even old – and want to make a little extra pocket money, turning to babysitting jobs may seem like a great idea. The problem is, where do you find babysitting jobs? Parents won’t just show up and knock on your door to ask if you are free. You have to get out there and promote yourself. These are the methods I used, and still use, to find babysitting jobs in my area.

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Advertise online

Online advertising with sites such as Craigslist or helped me reach a large audience when I was trying to find babysitting jobs in my area. The ad should be comprehensive, listing your age, experience, when your available and what ages you prefer to babysit for.

Advertise in stores

The problem with online advertising is it sometimes reaches an audience that’s too big. You may not even reach the people who are nearest you, especially if you live in a small town. Advertising in local stores reaches just the right audience. Use corkboards in grocery stores and laundry mats. Ask local restaurants if you can post a sign in their window. Put yourself out there in places busy parents may visit.

Ask to babysit for family with children

Ask if you can babysit for family members, family friends and neighbors. This was the easiest way for me to find babysitting jobs in my area. It gave me more experience babysitting and when I did a good job these people spread my name around so that I got more babysitting jobs as time went on.

Business cards

Use and pass out business cards. Even ones printed on normal weight paper from a home printer will work wonderfully if you are just getting started. Use heavier weight paper as you begin to get more serious about your babysitting business.

Take a babysitting class

When I was younger and it was difficult to find babysitting jobs in my area that parents though I was qualified for, I decided to take a babysitting class with the Red Cross. These babysitting classes will teach you how to care for children of all ages as well as preparing you for possible emergencies. Though this won’t find babysitting jobs for you, it will draw parents to you who want an experienced and prepared babysitter.

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Top 5 Ways to Find Babysitting Jobs in My Area, Seekyt
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