Top 5 Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Millions of people are looking for a hair loss treatment for men and women that actually works. The top 5 ways to stop hair loss is not a cure, but can slow down the progression of shedding hair for men and women. Treating thinning hair is not a battle, its a war. You must provide a lot of different things to your lifestyle if you’re going to prevent hair loss, and thinning hair from reoccurring. Because despite what a lot of people say hair loss is usually genetic.

If you’re grandfather on your mother’s side is bald, theoretically, you’re likely to develop alopecia too. Losing hair has to do with aging more than anything else. So here I present some of the natural, safe, and pretty much side effect free ways that can help stop your hair loss. If you apply these methods daily it should definitely help you keep that beautiful full head of hair.

Find a DHT Blocker Supplement

To understand alopecia, and male hair loss is the best way to stop it. What causes baldness is 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, which is released from the prostate. When the body fails to reject this enzyme, it eventually goes directly to the scalp of the head. It slowly starts stripping away hair follicles. Over 90% of males that suffer from hair loss have this problem. Having this enzyme is natural. The problem is when its released from the prostate that it combines with a testosterone that then transforms into what is know as DHT.

There are natural DHT supplements out there that can help you block DHT, and hopefully allow your hair follicles to start growing again. The most popular DHT supplement on amazon is the Natrol NuHair DHT blocker. Overall it seems to have been given a lot of positive feedback. It’s good because it contains only natural ingredients that are safe, and effective in helping block DHT.

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Nutrition is extremely important in stopping your hair from falling out. Our scalps needs vitamins as well to grow healthy hair. Certain vitamins work better. I can’t stress enough to get a lot more complex B vitamins into your diet. Vitamin B are water-soluble, and travel through the blood stream. The most important complex B vitamins are biotin, folic acid, and B12 for hair growth.

Particularly biotin. A lot of hair products use this vitamin B since its required to grow brand new hair follicles. Most diets are extremely deficient in biotin. And without enough biotin both men, and women can begin to see thinning hair start to appear on the scalp.

My favorite biotin product is Elon Matrix 5,000 vitamins for hair. It’s all natural and very safe to consume. It uses three essential building blocks for hair loss, and a lot of customers seem to attest to the effecitiveness when using Elon Matrix.

Shampoo for Hair Loss

This is one of the most important parts of maintaining healthy growing hair follicles. Did you know that many shampoos contain sodium laurel sulfate, a harsh chemical that provides foaming in shampoos. This can easily damage hair follicles in the scalp. Stay away from those shampoos. I personally would go with something completely natural.

I love Avalon Organics Biotin B-Complex shampoo. This will definitely keep your hair looking and feeling strong. I use this shampoo personally. It’s completely organic. I like the shampoo because it contains biotin, aloe vera, and a DHT blocker in saw palmetto extract.

No shampoo alone will stop hair thinning and hair loss. But a good shampoo like this product is still needed if you’re to win the fight against alopecia.

Best Minoxidil Product for Men and Women

When it comes to fighting hair loss, there’s no FDA approved ingredient for hair loss out there besides minoxidil. It’s the number one way to block DHT to the scalp. It’s proven to not only stop hair loss, but re-grow hair again. So if you’re serious about keeping your hair, then don’t go without minoxidil.

I know for many years men have benefit a lot from rogaine. There’s a newer and much better product on the market called Lipogaine. It’s awesome because it uses retinol, which is suppose to improve the efficacy of minoxidil. I also like this product because its loaded with important vitamins that are needed to re-grow hair like biotin, and B12. It’s become the number one way to fight alopecia. There’s two separate products for both men and women to use.

Massage Your Scalp

This is no myth. Massaging your scalp can help re-grow sleeping hair follicles that are actually there, but not appearing on your scalp. This helps to circulate blood flow to the scalp of your head. You should do this twice a head. Once in the morning, and before going to bed. Use your finger tips, and wash your hands before doing so.