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Top 6 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Drywall Sander

Whether you are a professional craftsman or a good practicing handyman, you are aware of the difficulties involved in sanding a drywall. You can make your job easier if you have the right protective equipment with you and also the necessary tool such as a porter cable sander.


When talking about tools you can use for the traditional hand operated sanders, which require a lot of energy, you can try the new drywall sanders such as a Porter Cable Sander or FestoolPlanex, which use electricity and make work easier for you.



The Porter Cable Sander can save you both time and energy while changing the looks of your home especially when you are preparing for home renovation. In this article, efforts were made to provide you with the useful information that will help you choose the best sander that will meet your need.

Factors To Consider When choosing A Drywall Sander

• Cost

The fact is that majority of the highest rated drywall sanders can be pretty costly. These expensive models are typically high grade machines which has a maximum speed of about 2000 RPM.

There are still so many cheap and affordable models with higher speed you can find in the market. It is possible to find affordable sanders that are within budget and boast of great speeds that sometimes even surpasses the expensive brands. Just remember that the cost does not necessarily translate to good quality.

• Speed

The speed of the sander is very vital and influences the choice during the purchase of a sander. The higher the speed of the device, the faster the job can be completed. You will want to look for a sander that allows you to control the speed of the device. You do not want to work on a tough surface like popcorn ceilings with a machine that has low performing speed.

• Power

Lower speed drywall sander will make your work boring and tasking thereby wasting energy and other human and material resources. In addition to the speed, the overall power the device has is important. The average sander should be around 4 amps. This is an ample amount of power to overcome toughest surface jobs.

• Dust

A lot of dust accompanies drywall jobs. So a drywall sander with a vacuum attachment is better because it will greatly eliminate the dust factor. This is an excellent feature when it comes to the environment, it is also a great health benefit to the personnel working with it.
While it is recommended that you wear a dust mask while operating a sander, by purchasing a sander with a vacuum attachment, you are greatly reducing the dust that you may inhale or that could circulate through the rest of the house making it environmentally-friendly.

• Hose

When considering a vacuum hose, make sure the hose is long enough so that you can reach every part even the corners of the room you are sanding in one stroke, rather than having to use a sand block for those areas just out of your reach.

• Strap

A drywall sander with a hook-and-loop strapping system is more convenient to use because it will grant you total control over the Porter Cable Sander. Also, a drywall sander that can operate at different RPMs is recommended because of its versatility feature which makes it unique.

Sanding the walls of your house is required to obtain a smooth finishing. You need an efficient and effective dry wall sander tool to do this.

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