Top 7 Security Features Which Can Validate the Authenticity of Your Cheque

A business flourishes only when you make payments and receive them too, on time. A valid business transaction is one where your instrument of making payment is honorable and this you can achieve solely by incorporating some security features. Security features make the instrument genuine, and with advanced scanning and other testing features in place, it has become easy to pick the fraud cheque.

Using genuine instruments of payments protect you from unwanted legal hassles and increase your credibility amongst the clients too. Here are top 7 security cheats which are used in a genuine cheque.

1) Invisible fibers 

Invisible fibers are integrated with the cheque paper. These are not visible with naked eyes. It is an age old way of making notes and cheques unique as well as genuine. Fibers are pressed along with the paper and fused to impart a constant appearance.


2) Water marks 

When a cheque is put under light, the water mark is visible from both the sides. Its shape and the way of placement with the cheque material are unique and cannot be copied, no matter how hard anybody tries.

3) Thermo-reactive points 

A point or a group of points are created inside the cheque. These points acquire a color or fluorescence in response to the heat stimulus.

4) UV number validation 

Some companies make use of hidden numbers to provide authenticity to the cheque. Important features of this kind of security provider are:

  • Number appears when an auditor exposes the bill to UV radiations
  • These are used mostly for auditing purposes; hence, the technique is mostly known to auditors only. 

5) Micro print 

 A line is drawn tactfully such that it appears broken when the bill is viewed normally. But, then put under scanner or copied, it appears straight. This is very easy way of recognizing an authentic cheque.

6) Hologram strip 

 A multi-colored hologram strip is embedded inside the cheque leaf. This strip when exposed to light emits various colors proving authenticity of the cheque.

7) Reactive solvents 

Cheques can also be authenticated using reactive solvents. The leaf will change the color the moment it is put in counteracting solvent.

These security measures make a note, bill or cheque special from any common paper leaf. There are various bank supplying vendors such as sage cheques which work according to the CPA standards and provide you your much needed stock of cheques without asking you to waste time at the banks.