Top 7 Tips for a Fabulous Christmas Wedding

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Getting married on Christmas day? This must be the biggest event of the year, as you are not only celebrating the union of two souls but also the spirit of Christmas. With that said, your wedding deserves to be touched with only the most glamorous effect and wonderful arrangement. In this article, let us list down the top 7 tips to achieve a fabulous Christmas wedding.

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1. Christmas Theme for Wedding

If there’s anything that could be most ideal, it is to choose a theme that matches with Christmas for your wedding. The modern colors for the season feature gold, velvety red, silver and green. To make a good difference, try also incorporating contrasting colors such as ivory and orange, midnight blue and burgundy for a festive touch. The theme will be applied on everything, such as the gowns and outfits of the wedding entourage, flowers, table setups, decorations and other accessories.

2. Creative Christmas Wedding Cake

Imagine having a Santa Claus figurine and his reindeers sitting on top of the wedding cake together with the picture of the bride and the groom. It will be a cute and creative cake for sure! To make it more fun, you can opt for cupcakes that are arranged in a style making up a traditional-size wedding cake. Ask your selected provider of catering services to help you as well with the homemade paper snowflakes that surround the table.

3. Garden Wedding Reception

The reception venue becomes a prime attraction since the design and decoration must all be matched with the Christmas theme. Choose a garden setting that has trees everywhere. Hang Christmas lights on the trees and Christmas balls with glitters for the details. You can ask your guests to write a personal message containing their best wishes for the couple and post the letter on a Christmas tree nearest them. At the end of the day, the entire venue will become a great backdrop influencing everyone to really feel Christmas in the air.

4. Christmas Costumes

Instead of going the classic way of dressing up for a wedding, you may specify in your wedding invitation that guests should come in a Christmas-inspired costume. The twist is that there will be a big prize for the best dressed guest. To keep things interesting, you may want to also dress up according to the season. Begin looking for a cut and silhouette that will best complement your figure. Better yet, ask help from a professional to make you the perfect Christmas wedding dress and tailor-made suit.

5. Christmas Wedding Invitations

It will be a mistake to disguise a wedding invitation as a Christmas card. To prevent this, you should send the invitation card at least three weeks before the big day. You may add on details that signify Christmas but do not overdo it. The overall design and intention conveyed must still be that of a marriage ceremony done in an elegant fashion.

6. Christmas Bridal Bouquet

Instead of using roses and other usual flowers used in a bride’s bouquet, it will be fanciful and timely to use flowers such as the poinsettia, Christmas cactus or orchid cactus that bloom during Christmas. Whoever will watch the bouquet in the reception will be awed upon receiving such a unique set of flowers.

7. Christmas Wedding Desserts

You may want to serve normal food during the reception for everyone’s dining pleasure. A restaurant or a catering service may already have its own preparation set for wedding dinners or luncheons. However, insisting to include Christmas-inspired desserts like the gingerbread man cookies and Christmas fruitcakes will not be too much to ask.


When it comes to preparing a Christmas wedding, the sky is the limit for the ideas that will form a great conceptualization. Be sure to make time to think through which items associated with Christmas you will use to make it an appealing and unforgettable special occasion.

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