Top 7 Types of Nannies you can Hire

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Employing a nanny for your child for the first time in life could be a challenging task. There are several types of nanny, with different qualification, and experience. When planning to hire a perfect nanny, consider your personal requirements and then choose the right one.

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Here is a list of top 7 types of nannies, which you might choose from:

Permanent Nanny

A permanent nanny is the one who works in a family and takes care of the child in the family for around 7 months or more.

Temporary Nanny

A temporary nanny is the one who works in a family for up to 6 months. Her job is on a temporary basis and sent from a nanny agency after a rigorous screening process, which is conducted. A temporary nanny could be hired for babysitting and usually undertakes all the child care responsibilities.

Babysitter or Sitter

A babysitter is an individual who works in your family as a part of the family and looks after your toddler with her skills and experience, whatever it might be.

Overnight Nanny

She is an expert who can look after your child in a highly professional manner and usually works for a very short span of time. (usually 24 hours).

Live-in Nanny

A live-in nanny is a childcare taker who undertakes all the household tasks associated with your child including meal preparation, laundry, making the child sleep, teaching good behavior and playing with the toddler. At present, most live-in nannies are employed to take care of the entire home, including preparing meals for the family, accompanying the family members on shopping, trips and outings.

Live-out Nanny

A live-out nanny has the similar responsibilities as that to a live-in nanny. However, she has her own residence. That means, she joins to work in the morning and goes back to her residence in the night after the tasks of the day are over.

Night Nanny

A night nanny is a professional who works on the overnight shifts and takes care of your baby. Some of the responsibilities of an overnight nanny includes caring for the child, bottle-feeding or supporting the mother in breastfeeding, comforting the baby by changing his or her diapers, and cleaning his or her clothes.

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Top 7 Types of Nannies you can Hire, Seekyt
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