Top 8 myths about wrinkles on face

Myth # 1 – You can prevent wrinkles by drinking a lot of water.

This is an extremely common misconception due to the fact that water is hydrating, and wrinkles are often due to a lack of combined hydration and elasticity in the skin. While drinking lots of water is definitely beneficial in flushing toxins keeping the body hydrated, wrinkles are caused by a variety of factors and drinking water alone is not enough to stop them from developing.

Myth # 2 – Tanning booths are less likely to damage your skin and cause wrinkles than the sun.

While tanning booths have definitely come a long way over the years as far as UV protection, this myth is absolutely untrue. Tanning booths are linked to accelerated aging, skin cancer and more, and in fact, all tanning centers are required to post the risk factors of each particular tanning machine directly on the tanning bed itself, as well as advice customers of the potential dangers. When compared to the sun, tanning beds are not less dangerous. It is always important to protect yourself against natural sunlight as well, but the reality is that natural sunlight provides you with Vitamin D, and when consumed in small amounts of 15 minutes per day, is extremely beneficial to your overall health.

Myth # 3 – Wrinkles can be caused by pulling your skin.

This myth is completely unfounded and absolutely untrue. The skin has a certain amount of elasticity that tends to diminish with age, and cannot be depleted by pulling on your skin. It is not advised to pull on the skin due to the fact that it can cause pain and irritation, but it has no impact on the loss of collagen, moisture and elasticity that occurs with the natural aging process.

Myth # 4 – One way to prevent skin aging is by incorporating oily fish into your diet.

Fish oil is definitely beneficial to your health, and incorporating fish into your diet will definitely aid in supplying your body with protein and vitamins. A healthy body often allows for healthy skin, but eating fish alone will not prevent skin aging.

Myth # 5 -Wrinkles are often the result of dry skin.

Dry skin is caused by a lack of hydration, as well as the environment. While there is a small amount of truth to this myth, it is simply due to the fact that when the skin is dehydrated, it tends to have an overall dry and flaky appearance in which fine lines and wrinkles are definitely more visible. Hydrating creams and oils quickly absorb into the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and with continued use, creams containing the natural moisturizers Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid can maintain the moisture balance in the skin, allowing for prevention of new wrinkles.

Myth # 6 – Toning facial muscles by doing special exercises will help keep your wrinkles at bay.

This myth has a small kernel of truth to it, but it is taken slightly out of context. Facial yoga, chin exercises and facial exercise devices help to tone the muscles in the facial skin, allowing for a tighter overall appearance and reduced sagging at the jawline. It is important to note, however that these exercises tighten muscles, not the skin itself, so it is important to maintain a healthy moisturizing and anti-wrinkle regime as well.

Myth # 7 – Your genes determine how wrinkled you will be.

Everyone’s heard that one person who never seems to age say, ‘I’ve got good genes!’ Genetics do play a role in appearance, but there are a variety of additional factors that contribute to aging. Regardless of your genes, if you smoke, consume excess alcohol, or spend excess time in the sun or tanning beds, you can easily speed up the aging process. In addition, many people simply age and wrinkle earlier than others, no matter if their parents or grandparents look like they are still in their 30’s.

Myth # 8 – Only people who are older or who have visible wrinkles should use anti-wrinkle products.

Wrinkle prevention can begin as early as the teenage years by using light creams and lotions that contain essential moisturizers such as Vitamin E and aloe vera. It is much easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to remove them, so it is just as important for young women to begin a light skin care regimen that includes wrinkle prevention. Top anti-wrinkle creams containing special ingredients that work to remove wrinkles are best suited for older age groups, but the truth is it all depends on your particular skin care needs.


Wrinkles and sagging skin can definitely be frustrating, and while there are a variety of myths out there that hold small kernels of truth, the reality is that the best way to prevent wrinkles is to take care of your skin. Applying moisturizer on a daily basis that is rich in Vitamin E will help to keep your skin soft and supple. Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A and aloe vera all contain natural, replenishing ingredients that can work wonders in slowing down the frustrating external aging process.