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Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah


While discussing about a superb vacation in UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi aren’t the only destinations with a million travellers each year. Sharjah is yet another popular tourist hotspot with a dozen attractions such as museums, traditional-type souks, chic shopping malls and lots of fun-filled family activities to keep everyone occupied.

Exploring Al-Qasba

Top Attractions & Things to do in SharjahWith a dozen entertaining facilities, Al-Qasba should be the first place to visit in Sharjah. You’ll enjoy super luxurious and modern lifestyle with many cultural and leisure attractions, each infused with Arab norms.

The ever watchful Eye of the Emirates

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah

If you’re inspired by the “Great eye” in epic movie Lord of the Rings; the “Eye of the Emirates” in Sharjah is nothing less! The giant Ferris wheel piercing the sky in all its brilliance! When operational, it rotates almost 60 meters above Sharjah giving you 360-degree view of the beautiful beaches, landscapes, Corniche and entire city that extends amazingly across the horizon. Holiday in Sharjah is incomplete if you don’t ride “Eye of the Emirates”.

Nature at its best in Arabian Wildlife Centre

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah

Arabian Wildlife Centre is situated right next to Sharjah International Airport; that’s almost at 26 kilometres distance from interior city. Initiated in September 1999, the facility aims to safeguard rare animal species while there’re around 100 different breeds to find. Nature is at its best at Wildlife Centre boasting Arabian species preserve in a safe and controlled environment. A dozen tourists arrive directly at the venue from the airport, taking advantage of the close distance.

Learn all about history & culture at Al-HisnTop Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah

As the city packs brilliance, everyone loves to know more about Sharjah and Arab history altogether. Al-Hisn; a two-storey fortress is a must-visit place situated in Al-Shukh and built in 1820. It has now been reorganized into a public museum where visitors can dig in Arabs history, culture and artefacts. To name a few, old coins, gems and jewels, weaponry, weighing scales, lots of photos from earl times are found here along with regional and geographical maps. If you’re asking about some amazing things to do in Sharjah, here’s one for a change.

The renowned Sharjah stadium

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah
The Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium came into existence in 1980 while refurbished in 2002. From the very first day, it remains a primary hotspot for One Day International and First-Class matches. It would remain a home ground for Afghanistan cricket team and known among South Asian community of UAE.

The colourful Sharjah Art Museum

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah
Sharjah Art Museum is renowned among both natives and foreign citizens being one-of-a-kind tourist spot. Art admirers from around the world along with general tourists come to the place during several exhibitions organised each year. Creative and inspiring work of creative painters and artists is displayed whereas group and solo expos are inaugurated.

What to discover at The Discovery Centre

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah
Included in the ongoing list of amazing places to visit is Sharjah’s Discovery Centre home to science and technology. It has seven themed areas with each dedicated towards the growth of science and technology among children of nearly 13 years old. It’s the only children museum that caters a fun and education environment with additional facilities such as kiddie’s supermarket, a recording studio, bank and refreshment corner.

There’s so much more to see and enthralled when in Sharjah. The only way to enjoy is visiting the place directly.

Top Attractions & Things to do in Sharjah
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