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Top Balcony Decorating Ideas

Coming up with balcony decorating ideas is not always easy. Decorating small areas, especially small outdoor areas can be difficult. You must be able to envision the finished product to be able to come up with a plan. In order to be able to envision how your balcony will look after you decorate is always easier than said if that’s just not your forte. A balcony is an extension of your home so why not decorate your balcony the way you would any other room in your home.

The first thing you must do is decide on how you would like to use the space. Is it for quiet times sitting alone reading a book or will your balcony be a social meeting place for friends and family. Will you cook on your balcony, will you sit comfortably on your balcony or maybe you will be a gardener on the balcony. There are so many options but you must choose the option that is right for you. Once you figure that out actually putting the balcony together will be a breeze.

Most people leave their balconies the color that the wood or concrete and wrought iron railing is. Painting the concrete with a color that makes you happy is always a good idea yet there are not to many people that think to paint concrete walls and floors on a balcony. Use the appropriate paint for the materials you will be painting and if you rent or have a condo make sure you obtain permission before doing any painting outdoors.

Another idea is to create some privacy on your balcony whether you weave something through the railing or use objects like large plants and furniture placed in a way that you can sit outside without all of your neighbours gawking at you creating privacy is always a good thing. Furniture is important but before you purchase anything, make sure you really think about what styles and kinds of furniture will be suitable for your needs. Is your balcony just for lounging? If so then maybe you need big plush furniture great for cuddling in or maybe you don’t plan on sitting for long so you can get by with smaller furniture. Another great way to get privacy on a balcony is to use oversized plants that you can bring outside in the spring and summer for privacy outdoors and then bring indoors once it starts to get a bit cool out in the fall.

Storage is important whether you are indoors or out and in a smaller area like a balcony having some storage can really make a world of difference for comfort and functionality. You can use a chest made for outdoors or use shelving. Purchase chairs and tables that have storage built in if necessary.

Other things to consider are lighting, heating, cooling, music, television and pictures. Lighting is important outdoors just like it is indoors. Purchase outdoor heating lamps, an outdoor fan for cooling you down and if you enjoy music and TV make sure you have speakers outside and or a tv and stereo system outdoors as well.

Honourable mention would be to have a beer fridge and or a wine cooler on your balcony as well. There are so many things you can do when trying to come up with balcony decorating ideas. The best advice you can get is to think of your small balcony area as another room of your home and once you decide on its purpose coming up with some decorating ideas for your balcony will come easy.

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