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Top Balcony Privacy Screen Ideas

It’s that time of year again when everyone with a balcony is thinking about sitting outside on the balcony in the nice warm weather possibly for a BBQ, maybe just to read a book or possibly to entertain family and friends. As much as you like and enjoy your neighbours we all need some privacy one in a while. So the question pops in your head about what kind of balcony privacy screen ideas you can find online. Here you go.

Whether it is privacy screens for decks or privacy screens for balcony’s the concepts and ideas are all basically the same. You don’t want others to be able to see you while you sit on your deck or in this case you don’t want people to be able to see you sitting on your balcony. Balcony privacy ideas is why we are here though. Most balconies have railings and balusters ( balusters are the spindals of your railing system) either together or maybe you have railing with glass instead of balusters. Either way you can easily attach easy to find and easy to use materials to give yourself the privacy you desire in less time than it takes you to go pick up the products.

Wicker or bamboo shades or blinds- you can pick up cheap wicker or bamboo shades that can easily be attached to your balcony railing for privacy using large tie straps or twine. Make sure to use more tie straps or twine than you think you need to ensure the blinds don’t blow away with any strong winds that might pop up. You can attach the bamboo blinds to the roof of your balcony or just attach them where you have railing so you have privacy when sitting.

Chain link fence slats – most yards with chain link fence use chain link fence slats for privacy. Slats can be pricey but not if you can find a rehab type store in town that sells used building materials. You could grab enough chain link slats to weave through your balusters for the price of a latte. Just make sure the slats are all secure whether you use tie straps or twine.

Garden border material – is the edging you might use in the ground between a garden bed and the lawn to stop roots from travelling and to create some separation for a nicer visual of the yard. You can use these same garden edging in your balcony for privacy by weaving the material in and out of the balusters just like the chain link fence slats. Again ensure each piece of lawn edging is secure so it doesn’t blow away possibly falling on and hurting someone.

Privacy screen – you can purchase specifically made balcony privacy screen which will cost you a bit more money than other options but sometimes it is better to spend a bit more money and get a good product. You can find balcony privacy screen available at your local home builder centre or hardware type store, maybe even at a WalMart.

Furniture and plants – The cheapest way to create some kind of balcony privacy screens is to use objects you already own like furniture and plants to block others view of your balcony. You will have to turn the backs of furniture towards the outside of the balcony and most people want to face away from the building not face the building with your back to the open air. If you are not opposed to having your back to the world then think about using some furniture and large plants to block others view of you on your balcony and save yourself some money while doing so.

Make sure whatever material you use will withstand some heat if it will be close to a barbecue and also make sure it has holes in it for the air to pass through for your comfort and so the new privacy screen does not blow away break or snap in the wind. Be creative and be open to something new and you will find the perfect balcony privacy screen for you. Something that reflects the person you are.

Balcony privacy screen ideas

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