Top Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing For Construction Businesses

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What is diamond wire saw cutting

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After its long-term application in the quarrying segment for stone extraction, diamond wire sawing, also known as diamond saw cutting, has been extensiTop Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing For Construction Businesses, Seekytvely used in the construction industry to take out large and thick concrete sections in the most efficient manner. The wire sawing professionals have been constantly improvising the technology to ensure more benefits and applications of diamond sawing in the construction sector.

When the traditional concrete cutting techniques fail to meet up your expectations, diamond cutting saws are the ultimate choice. Talking about its design, a wire saw is a multi-strand cable that is infused with diamond particles throughout and fed through an array of pulleys; the wire saw is used to create a loop around the section of reinforced concrete that needs to be cut out. The loop is pulled using force generated by a drive wheel that runs on hydraulic power, enabling diamond saw to cut through concrete and steel reinforcement.

Some key features and advantages of diamond wire sawing include,

  • Go virtually any cutting depth; a diamond wire saw can perform vertical, horizontal, circular or angled cutting
  • It’s plunge cutting feature enable the contractor to create rebated openings in the structure
  • It is noise-free, fume-free and non-percussive technique of concrete cutting
  • Clean and smooth cuts are guaranteed, provided you choose the right diamond saw cutting London specialist
  • Verify the accomplished cut as the wire pass through the pipe or concrete structure
  • It’s remote controlled operation increases onsite safety
  • The technique is more reliable, flexible and faster
  • Unlike guillotine saws, diamond wire saws are less exposed to compression risk
  • Produce no vibrations
  • In addition to concrete, diamond wire saws can also be used to cut through marble, stones, bricks, granite, travertine, steel and heavy rebar
  • Diamond wire saws need less space for installation, so confined work area isn’t a big challenge
  • The Mass concrete extract is feasible keeping remaining part of the structure intact

Some most common applications of diamond wire sawing include,

  • HVAC pipes, structures
  • Multistring conductors
  • Columns and beams removal
  • Bridge deck cutting
  • Heavily reinforced concrete structures
  • Cutting through sections of stones and brickwork
  • Underwater cutting

Hiring a diamond saw cutting service provider

As it is easy to see, diamond saw cutting is a cost-effective and highly accurate cutting method. Wire saws can cut through any depth to the desired specifications. However, in order to relish in these many advantages of diamond saw cutting, you first need to find out the right diamond wire sawing contractor in your city. While looking around for a diamond wire sawing contractor in London, there are a few checks you must consider including experience, expertise into diamond wire sawing, accreditation and certification, if any, and on-site support.

Ask your diamond wire sawing company about their previous projects, this will help you gauge their expertise into the niche. Resort to the web and begin your search for the diamond wire sawing company in London today!

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Top Benefits of Diamond Wire Sawing For Construction Businesses, Seekyt
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