Top Best Tips to Improving Your Home Security

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Nothing is more important than making sure your home is safe from intruders. This is why it is essential to make sure you are up-to-date with your with your home security. Are you looking for the best home security tips? Then keep reading to learn more.

  • Always make sure you home is locked up, even if you are just popping around to your neighbours or the corner store.
  • If you must keep a spare key, do not hide it anywhere obvious such as underneath a doormat or a flowerpot. Instead put it in a waterproof container and bury it.
  • If you ever lose your key, make sure you change your locks straight away. If you move into a new home or office make sure you change your locks as soon as you move in.
  • Install timers that turn your lights on and off around the house. This will make your home look like it is occupied, especially if you go away on holiday.
  • Keep any entry points to your home well lit. This will make it less attractive for thieves to try to break in.
  • Never leave any clues that your house is unoccupied. Ask your neighbours or friends to collect letters for you. Overflowing letterboxes and notes/items left at the day are a dead giveaway that no one is home.
  • If you have a burglar alarm system installed, make sure it is well hidden, especially the wires. Try investing is a wireless system, that way burglars cannot cut the wires.
  • Check your windows, if you have any windows where the hinges are placed on the outside, replace them so the windows have their hinges on the inside. This will help prevent intruders from removing your hinges to break into your home.
  • Glass sliding doors make it easy for burglars to break in. Consider a security grille or changing them to wooden doors.
  • If you have a house and do not have a dog, you may want to consider getting one. Even if it is just a small dog, as their bark can scare off intruders.
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Top Best Tips to Improving Your Home Security, Seekyt
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