Top 7 Careers for Students in 2016

careers for students

For the coming year, more and more students are interested to know what the top careers for students will in in 2016 and which careers will be in demand, and also which ones will be worth investing in. The expansion of access to medical care will surely be a boom for the wide range of medical services including careers in nursing, physicians, diagnostic, and medical imaging areas. However, if you are looking for emerging areas or just considering what to study in college or just wanting to switch courses as early as possible, here are the top careers you should consider:

Software Development Careers for Students in 2016

This job is perhaps one that is greatly linked with the future of the technology and the world. We are all surrounded with software almost every second and minutes from the malls that we shop in down to the mobile gadgets that we constantly use. The people behind the applications that make all these appliances work will always be guaranteed with high and stable salaries. Technology has no direction but to move forward, and along with it is software application. This job will see a steady and increasing growth in the next decade and the tendency of developing newer and more innovative applications is deemed to never stop.Organizational Psychologists

Organizational Psychologists

More companies have begun to understand and acknowledge the importance of psychology in terms of the well-being of employees as a key factor in creating competitive advantage among businesses. These psychologists—organizational psychologists to be more specific—are hired for employees selection and prescription of cognitive enhancers to improve performance and effectively apply principles of psychology in businesses. There is increasing growth by around 26 percent for the years to come and since psychology has become one tool in knowing how human brains work, certain people that are knowledgeable in this field would become more necessary.

Personal Financial Advisers

Considered to be a fast-growing occupation, financial advisers can expect their careers to grow even further by 30 percent for the years to come. This is largely due to a handful of rich baby-boomers that are now retiring in this timeframe. Studies have shown that people do not really like to manage their money and be more specific with the details. Hence, a personal financial advisers would most likely be hired to help ease this burden. They will be hired to handle their finances and even advise on where to invest funds.Survey Researchers

Survey Researchers

More and more businesses are employing scientific approaches in formulating strategy and statistical tools for survey and researches. Hence, the demand for survey researchers are expected to increase along with their salary. This career could see an 18 percent growth by the time the year hits 2022. While many people dislike math, it may be the time to try liking it for the sake of statistics, businesses math and sociology which altogether promise a good, rewarding future.

Web designers

The future of this career will grow in the next decade as marketing has shifted to the internet platform and more businesses are taking advantage of its power. Web designers, most especially those that are highly-skilled, will greatly enjoy growth of their services’ demand, in proportion to their skills and experience. Web designing is entirely different a decade before. Since web designing has incorporated almost every area that one can think of, one cannot possibly predict how much it can even expand during the next years.

Environmental engineers

As years went by, more people are getting more concerned on the environmental problems of the world. Many countries, cities, businesses and the like have adopted the “green” theme promoting environmental awareness and practices. This trend won’t possibly die out anytime soon as new solutions are being sought out as a response to this global problem.

Online Careers for Students

There are so much information and resources to utilize in the internet. For example, many students have used, LearnOutLoud and for engaging learning videos and educational content. This is good news for students who love great educational content and writing because having an online career is a great opportunity. If you are on your way to becoming a professional and career-driven man and woman, you may apply as a Freelance writer at, Upwork or EssayPro. These companies have built their reputation in the industry for years and being a freelance writer is one of the top careers for students because the demand for paper writing services and custom paper essays are very high.

Want to go it alone?

You can. Droves of people are opting to forego college and go out on their own and create businesses and have the flexibility and freedom that they want. Being an entrepreneur or a freelancer is no easy business, though. Looking for inspiration? Consider reading Freelance Nation and get into the details about how to transform your independent life.