News Top Five Competitors of Malwarebytes Free Antimalware

Top Five Competitors of Malwarebytes Free Antimalware


Getting infected with stubborn malware is easy, but removing it from your device completely is a challenging task. Do you wish to install best malware removal tool on your device? Tech experts recommend installing Malwarebytes Free that can help you to remove computer malware, and other threats, but the program may conflict with other software installed on your device.

Installing Malwarebytes for free is the best solution to combat with the latest viruses, malware, infections, and other suspicious software. The program is available on the company’s official website, and you can easily download it for free. The company also offers malware scanner in a paid version that offers real-time protection and enhanced security features to safeguard you against latest virtual threats.

Many a times, you may get confused while selecting the best malware removal tools online. The first choice of every user will be Malwarebytes Free, and its high malware detection rate can keep all security related threats at bay. If the free software from Malwarebytes conflicts with programs installed on your device, then you can install any other malware scanner to stay protected.
Read below to know about top five competitors of Malwarebytes:

1. Panda Global Protection 2015

The Panda Global Protection 2015 offers complete protection for your PC, Mac, and Android devices by blocking and removing stubborn malware threats. The antivirus program can easily protect your data and family against latest virtual threats, malicious codes, and other infections. The best thing about installing the malware tool is that it offers real-time protection against the latest threats to ensure that you surf, browse, shop, and play online freely. The security program offers optimal protection to your data, network, and account by scanning them periodically, and removing the detected threats. All in all, it is a smart antimalware program that can protect your PC and data from stubborn infections, without slowing down your PC.

2. Comodo Cleaning Essentials

The Comodo Cleaning Essentials is an effective antimalware program that allows you to scan your computer for virtual threats without any hassle. The tool incorporates a wide range of system security tools that keep your virus definitions updated and protect you against Internet threats. The tool can perform system and MBR scanning to ensure that no malware infection executes its malicious codes on your device. Additionally, the tool also incorporates KillSwitch, Autorun Analyzer, latest virus signature, and faster scan properties to combat against emerging threats. The program can identify and stop every untrusted process immediately, and protects all your system endpoints with a single click. All in all, the program can offer optimal system security by replacing Windows Task Manager in the Windows shell.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

The Bitdefender antimalware tool can help you to get rid of annoying pop-ups and checkboxes. The tool can efficiently block all the threats without sending any useless details or notifications. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is quite light on system resources and ensures complete system protection by removing all the stubborn threats. The antimalware program can detect, block, and remove malware infections efficiently without slowing down your computing experience. It only scans for malware when your system is idle, or you’ve set it on the ‘Hibernate’ mode. All in all, it is one of the best security suites that use “artificial intelligence’ technology to safeguard user devices and data against prevailing e-threats.

4. Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+

Ad-Aware Free Antivirus+ offers the best free malware protection for your PC and ensures that you never lose your valuable data. The program combines capabilities of an antispyware, antimalware, and antivirus program to enhance the system security shield. Its amazing threat-detection tools and system security features offer real-time, download and upload protection to avoid major cyber crimes. The application updates its filters continuously to offer unmatched protection against malicious URLs, infected programs, and infectious downloaded files. The tool can run both real-time and on-demand scans to offer a completely protected computing environment. All in all, it is an amazing PC protection tool that offers optimal safety against unidentified or new variants of malware.

5. 360 Total Security Essential

The 360 Total Security Essential is an amazing malware protection tool that helps you to keep the existing and emerging malware and stubborn infections at bay. The security program is an amazing malware scanner, and it combines capabilities of multiple antivirus engines to ensure complete protection of users, data, devices, and networks. The free antimalware tool incorporates threat detection technologies that can help you to scan hidden threats, computer infections, and other Internet threats. The antimalware tool can apply multiple security shields and ensure a secure digital experience to keep you safe from phishing, Trojan and data theft. All in all, the security tool can offer real-time protection and keep your PC secure by deploying the latest security techniques.


Undoubtedly, Malwarebytes Free is the best choice to combat prevailing Internet threats, but there are plenty of other malware security tools available in the market. You can browse the web to find leading malware removal tools that can help in detecting, blocking, and removing stubborn threats with ease. You should select a malware scanner that is coming with virus removal capabilities to ensure that you never compromise your system security, and valuable data. If installing Malwarebytes for free turns out to be a problem for you, then go for some other free malware removal programs to get rid of stubborn infections in a go.

Top Five Competitors of Malwarebytes Free Antimalware
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