Top Five Free Online SEO Tools

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are many tools available online that can help you achieve better search engine placement. This list of the top five free SEO tools are online tools and sites that have helped me achieve better rank in the search engines.

SEO Tool #1 SpyFu

SEO ToolSpyFu is an awesome SEO Tool. First of all, the site helps you spy on your competition, and see what keywords your competitors are using. Secondly, they can tell you what keywords your competitors are paying for using Google AdWords. Finally, the link above will take you to a list of the top paying keywords. This list is especially handy if you work with Google AdSense and want to write articles optimized around expensive keywords with high payouts. You can use SpyFu for keyword research, learning other SEO tips, and their keyword and domain history tools are second to none. Overall, SpyFu is an excellent SEO tool, available free and on the internet.

SEO Tool #2 is a great site to use if you are optimizing articles and websites with backlinking. If you use many websites to create linkwheels, write status updates, etc., will be an invaluable tool for you. First of all, you can post to many different services all at once with your account. Whether you keep a blogger blog, a wordpress blog, a tumblr blog, or write updates on Facebook and Twitter, you can automate all of this work by using this free SEO tool. They have dozens of apps to help you have an even better experience. Overall, is a life changing SEO tool for all internet marketers, and it is available for free online.

SEO Tool #3 Amplify

Similar to, Amplify allows you to post to tons of sites simultaneously. This site takes it to the next level, though. First of all, you can use Amplify to post to, which will post to the networks you have set up with Secondly, you can post to Posterous,which is another site that posts to mulitple places at once. Finally, amplify will post to several blogs, social bookmarking sites, and other places all at once. By using amplify properly, in conjunction with the networks you set up on your account, you can start creating a link wheel or a bunch of articles that point back to your website. It also has built in URL shorteners, a great community, and is indexed quite often. Amplify is a fantastic SEO tool for those interested in deep link building, and it is a free online tool.

SEO Tool #4 Article Queen

SEO ToolIf you use the tools above, you will need to make sure that you are not posting duplicate content across your many networks if you want your links to carry any weight. That’s where a good article spinner comes in. While there are many article spinners available online, Article Queen, in my opinion, takes the cake. First of all, after you copy and paste your content into the spinner, you can choose what words you’d like to spin, and which you don’t want to spin. From there, after the article reloads itself, you will see all of the possible combinations of words displayed in brackets. You can click on the original word to see more possibilities, or you can click on the new words to remove them from the list. By simply reading through the list, you can create many new articles in just a few minutes. They even give you the option to output multiple new articles, and you can even choose to reuse some of the original words if you’d like. Not only is Article Queen the best spinner, in my opinion, but it is one of the best SEO Tools that you can use to create content. If you have a bunch of PLR articles spinning around, you can easily get new content out of them for your site or for article directories by using this tool. Article Queen is a free, online SEO tool, and it couldn’t be simpler to use.

SEO Tool #5 Samfind

Possibly the greatest Firefox add on ever created for internet marketers, the samfind toolbar allows you to keep all of your social bookmarking accounts ready to go at any time in a customizable and hideable toolbar. When you are visiting a page, you can simply click on any of the icons in the toolbar to immediately bookmark and share the URL. There are several Firefox addons available for achieving this purpose, but I find samfind to be the easiest and best of them all. This bar also allows you to add blogging accounts, web 2.0 attributes, news sites, and more. It has never been easier to build links, stay in touch with your social networks, and share information than using samfind. This is a free SEO tool that you can find by clicking the link above. It takes some time to set up all of your accounts on these sites, but once you do it and save your login credentials through firefox, using this toolbar is even easier.

These are the five best tools for achieving both on page and off-page SEO with your blog or website. I use them for everything, and they save me a ton of time creating content and getting traffic to my site. I highly recommend you use all of these tools as much as you can.

Here are some honorable mentions that didn’t make the top five list, but you should also use whenever possible. SEOmoz – a rank checking tool Sitening – an SEO analyzer (a really good one, too!) WeBuildPages – a good backlink checker, as well as a tool to tell you your strongest pagest on your site. Webconfs – a keyword density tool that works simply by entering the URL to your page.