Top Five Gifts for New Parents

New moms have many needs. Regardless of the type of delivery they had, it is important that all new moms recover from the experience. Most people want to give new moms gifts but are not sure what would be best. Here are five gift ideas that any recent mother is sure to love.

5. Sleep

Newborns require constant attention and care. Sleep for new moms and dads come intermittently. Whatever you decide to give to a new parent, make sure to take up as little time as possible. Wait a couple weeks to call and certainly don’t just drop by unannounced. Make sure that your gift doesn’t come with any requirements for the parents. Don’t get restaurant gift certificates unless you offer to babysit, don’t just get ingredients for a meal, bring the meal ready to eat. Use this first rule to customize whatever gift you give to new parents: the gift should not require any work on the part of the parents.

4. Diapers and Wipes

It is amazing how quickly diapers and wipes get used up, especially for new parents. These two must-haves are a great gift. In order to get the right size, make sure and check with mom and dad. If you can’t ask about the size of diapers (or if you want it to be a surprise), get one size larger than the baby’s age. That way the parents may not get to use your gift right away, but you know it will be used.

3. Laundry

This is likely only possible if you’re comfortable enough with the new parents to ask them if you can do chores for them. Many parents will decline so a gift certificate to a reputable house cleaning service is a great idea. If you do end up visiting to do chores, be sure to call ahead and do not overstay your welcome.

2. Groceries

It is tough to find time to get away so groceries are a great gift idea for new parents. Be sure to include the basics and other things you think they might enjoy. Freezer ready meals are also a good choice since they don’t require much time to get together. Also, pick up toiletries and fruit, two things most new families need. If you have time, consider making a nice gift basket for new parents that includes some essential groceries.

1. Food

Home cooked meals are a new parent’s best friend. Call ahead and deliver a casserole or fresh baked bread. Visit any recipe website and search for: easy casserole. New parents would love the gift of a simple casserole and it shouldn’t be too much work for you.

New parents have many needs. Use this list to help you find the best gift for a new mom that you know.