Top five places to visit in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean which offers a diverse culture. It’s assets are a mixture of rainforests, mountains, reef lined beaches and home to the famous Bob Marley, Usain Bolt among others .You will never be bored on your trip to Jamaica, the beaches, food, people and nightlife is difficult to find anywhere else.

When you decide to visit Jamaica now or in the future here are five places you have to visit:

Green Grotto cave

Visit our Green Grotto cave in St. Ann. This cave Green Grotto is 1525 m long and 12 m deep with numerous chambers. This pace is history filled as it was a hideout for the Spaniards who were being driven away when the English captured our shores. As dark as the secrets it harbors in its depths this cave features artifacts that speaks of time long past. You will be taken on a tour of a cavern with a beautiful crystal clear lake which is the home of over 21 species of bats.

Wear proper footwear and comfortable attire and do not forget your camera.

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YS Falls

Take a trip to St. Elizabeth located on the Southern end of Jamaica and visit Y.S. Falls which is a nature based attraction. Have our tour guides assist you in climbing all of seven waterfalls (if you can) or just swim in their pools. Other attractions include river tubing; zip line, tractor and carriage rides. For those who can’t climb the falls you can still enjoy the scenery by using the stairs alongside the falls.


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Blue Mountain

If you are an adventurer who loves hiking or biking, then you should the visit Blue Mountains in St. Andrew. Along the trails you will see a variety of our birds as well as the beautiful flora and fauna as the trail deepens. The adventure starts very early in the morning so carry warm clothing as it could get pretty cold.

This is also the home of the fragrant and delicious Blue Mountain coffee.From the highest peak of 2256m (7402ft) you can see an outline of Cuba which is some 90 miles away on a very clear day.

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

Rick’s Cafe

On the far west end of Jamaica, Rick’s Café in Negril boasts the most beautiful sunsets. Apart from its sunsets it also features a cliff about 35 feet where risky tourist and diver dive from the cliffs or go even further by diving from trees. It also has a restaurant and bar where you can have a drink or two while listening to reggae music and watching the sunset.

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

Rafting on the Martha Brae River

Relax and be skillfully maneuvered on a bamboo raft down the Martha Brae River. Located in Falmouth Trelawny about 30 minutes from Montego Bay, this scenic adventure last for approximately 2 hours. The trip begins at Martha Brae Village which boasts gift shops pool, Martha’s Herb Garden and a picnic area. The tour ends 3 miles downriver at Martha’s Rest.

NB. Bring your swimsuit as the tour includes a swing from Tarzan’s Corner and a swim in the pool.

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

photo credit:things to do in Jamaica

Whether your reason for visit is an adventure, tying the knot, or you simply want some rest and relaxation in paradise, come to Jamaica and feel alright.

Any location you visit, safety is important. Remember, never travel alone, keep your travel documents, cash and jewelry safe. If in doubt ask your front desk for help.