Top Five Popular Types Of Magnetic Products

i. Magnetic Tubes

These products serve the purpose of a magnetic separator that is often known as a mini magnetic separator, and are used for eliminating contaminants from various ferrous materials immediately. Magnetic Tubes are very effective as well as can perform the task correctly. They are made from various varieties of magnets such as ceramic, alnico and of course rare earth magnet. In addition, they are demanded by a huge number of industries plastic processing, chemical, food processing, glass and many more.

ii. Magnetic Sweepers

These products are cleaning devices that are designed to pick up tiny metallic objects. Besides, they are usually used in car parks, on constructions sites and in metalworking factories because these areas are prone to tiny screws, coins, metal shavings, and many other pieces of steel. They will pick up all metal items easily, and then free them at the easy click of a handle.

iii. Color Coded Bar Magnets

They are painted and labeled with an “N” for north on one end, and on the other side an “S” for south. Color Coded Bar Magnets are typically used for educational purposes to teach students about magnets along with their features, properties and benefits. A Circular Vibratory Screen is a machine that is often used to separate mass solid materials from slurries. Additionally, the contaminants are separated by using a process called as multi-tube inertial vibration. A Circular Vibratory Screen is used in different industries, including minerals, smelting, quarry, pharmaceuticals and hydro-power.

iv. Individual Magnets

You can buy individual magnets in a great range of shapes and sizes. Neodymium magnets, samarium magnets, alnico magnets and ferrite magnets are some of the best types of magnets. Individual Magnets are usually available in various styles, including circular, horseshoe, ring, block, shallow pot, spherical and many more styles.

v. Magnetic Slide Conveyor

It is used for conveying materials such as steel chips, bolts, scraps, nuts and many more from one place to another. Magnetic Slide Conveyor has a powerful magnetic pull as well as can convey multiple materials at one time. In addition, this product must be lubricated regularly to make sure its durability with smooth and continuous functioning. It is available in various lengths and sizes to suit the industry needs and are used in different industrial segments, including steel, iron engineering and mining.

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