News Top Five Waterslides for Thrill Seekers at Atlantis Bahamas

Top Five Waterslides for Thrill Seekers at Atlantis Bahamas


Do you love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through your veins? Would you choose Six Flags over Disney and day of the week? A stay at Atlantis on Paradise Island in the Bahamas should provide plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy some thrills in the midst of the beautiful resort of Atlantis. Following is a list of the top five waterslides at Atlantis Bahamas’ Aquaventure waterpark for those who like to get the pulse pounding.

Leap of Faith

Top Five Waterslides for Thrill Seekers at Atlantis BahamasThis is the slide that you see on all of the Atlantis Bahamas commercials. A 60 foot nearly vertical drop down the front of Atlantis’ Mayan Temple ends with a breathless ride in a plexiglass tunnel through Predator’s Lagoon. If you can manage to open your eyes after that drop, you will briefly glance dozens of sharks swimming in the aquarium that surrounds you on all sides. Extra points if you can get someone to click fast enough to get a picture of you on the descent.

The Abyss

This slide resides in Atlantis’ Power Tower. Riders start with a 50 foot near-vertical drop in complete darkness. This is followed by 200 feet of sliding through waterfalls and a dramatic drop into the wonderous grotto of the Cenote, home to alligator gars, redtail catfish, and pacu. Don’t be surprised if you see other guest turning around as they peer down the dark tunnel at the top. Don’t join them – you will miss a great ride if you can’t muster the courage!

Challenger Slide

What is the only thing better than a wedgie-inducing fast slide in paradise? Your best friend or your spouse getting a wedgie next to you. The Challenger Slide at Atlantis’ Aquaventure park is for all those who love a thrilling ride and a spot of competition. Two people start side by side at the top and race over the curves to splash into the pool at the bottom. Twin clocks measure each riders time and award bragging rights to the fastest slider.

The Surge

A surge of water pushes you down the hill in this fast-paced innertube slide at the Power Tower. You can access this slide in your tube off of the Lazy River, or you can climb the steps up and join in the fun. Signs and lifeguards warn you to keep your bottom up and they aren’t kidding. Don’t skip Pilates before your vacation – it will take all your core strength to keep your bottom in the air and not dragging along the slide. All that effort pays off, though, as you soar through the twists and turns of the white-water rapids before sailing off into the Current.

Top Five Waterslides for Thrill Seekers at Atlantis Bahamas

The Drop

Similar to the The Surge, this is a tube slide that originates in the Power Tower. It is also accessible either by stairs, or in your tube off of the Lazy River. Riders on this slide drop through a darkened tube before entering a series of twists that culminate in a splash-down to the Current. Don’t try it if you are scared of the dark and don’t forget to keep that bottom up!

All slides at the Aquaventure water park at Atlantis Bahamas are free to registered guests at the hotel or timeshare properties. Daily passes can be purchased by visitors and touring cruise ship guests.

All of the major waterslides at Atlantis have a minimum height of 48” for riders. Keep that in mind for adventure-seeking kiddos. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Top Five Waterslides for Thrill Seekers at Atlantis Bahamas
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