Top Four Best 4 Slice Toaster 2014

What are the Top Rated Four Slice Toasters in 2014?

Are you looking for a top quality four slice toaster that offers you a range of ‘toasting options’ but most importantly will over a crisp and even toasting for your bread? If so, you are bound to find the ideal 4 slice toaster from the range on offer here, all the models are considered ‘top of the class’ but each one has a specific feature or two that separates it from the others. Let’s go right ahead and explore the best 4 slice toaster in 2014.

#1 KitchenAid KMT422ER 4 Slice Toaster

This is easily my favorite 4 slicer toaster of the lot (available in contour silver, empire red and onyx black). Where sleek style meets practicality. First off you can see that the toaster has extra wide 1.5 inch slots for those who want to be toasting not only thick crusty bread but bagels, english muffins and the like. Another pretty cool feature is the digital clock ‘countdown timer’ where it has a progress bar letting you know when the toast is about to be done and ‘pop up’ (with an audible beep). However, the best thing about it, is the overall toasting quality, gets everything nice and evenly toasted — really is a truly top class toaster.
Rating : 94% (sourced from

#2 Breville BTA830XL 4 Slice Toaster

This is one of the most advanced toasters out there. It comes with a die cast finish and offers 12 ‘browing’ settings, from very light to pretty darn dark — all you have to do is adjust the LED setting on the side. Moreover, it can adjust to the ‘type’ of bread you are toasting: white bread, brown bread etc. you also get a range of functions for when it comes to defrosting, a bagel function as well as the ‘a bit more setting’. A feature that I really like though is the motorized lift and look button, which allows you to check on the progress of the toasting without breaking the actual cycle. A really smart toaster in more ways than one — at the very least you need to check out the Die cast four slice toaster.

Rating: 88% (sourced from

Update: if you liked the look of the BTA830XL, then I also have to suggest the Breville four slice toaster BTA840XL (it’s upgrade essentially).

#3 Cuisinart Leverless Four Slice Toaster Machine

This Cuisinart toaster is focused on getting the ideal toast where it has a sophisticated heating element system to ensure all your toast is ‘browned’ exactly how you like it ‘taking toasting to a whole new level’. Like the other 4 slice toasters you also get the option of defrosting, reheating toast (without added toasting) and you can toast waffles as well as bagels, where it will gently reduce heat on to the ‘uncut side’ of the bagel. You also get the LCD countdown system so you can keep track of your toasting whilst you have other tasks on the go.
Rating: 76% (sourced from

#4 Hamilton Beach 4 Slice Cool Touch Toaster

This is easily the best 4 slice toaster under $50 on the market, for those who are on a more restricted budget but are looking for a top rated cheap four slice toaster. As you can see immediately, it has a pretty darn cool modern and sleek design to it and is actually integrated with a lot of practical features. For instance, it has the a range of multi toasting functions (which includes the auto toast boost) as well as the extra wide 1.5 inch slots to fit in thick hand sliced bread as well as bagels and the like. It also has a crumb tray underneath to allow for easy cleaning.

In all, for around $30 the Hamilton Beach Cool touch toaster offers itself as by far the best value toaster in the range & hence it is of course very easy to see why this model is so popular.
Rating: 78% (sourced from