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Where new careers: industries with a future – know top growing careers

After the crisis, the economy is booming. But who wants to plan long term, should be based on technologies and industries that have growth potential. Five industries with a future at a glance.

Automotive and mechanical engineering have peaked. New technologies and services is the future, dealing with the problem of time: alternatives to oil, the aging society and the environment. In these areas puts growth potential. There, new businesses and careers.

Biotechnology careers

No less than a revolution promised by the possibilities of industrial biotechnology for the chemical industry: independence from oil, speculates the German Bank Research, a research facility of the same bank. Oil is the most important starting material for many products of the chemical industry and biotechnology is a key supplier for them.

Even in the crisis year of 2009 showed the industry crises. With around 2.2 billion euros, it could keep the proceeds to the previous year, according to a company survey conducted by the information platform www.biotechnologie.de . After that, the industry structure is small and medium-sized. Much of the biotechnology company engaged in the development of new drugs or methods in the diagnosis.

The opportunities for new careers are impressive to the findings of a joint study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research and the German Institute for Economic Research. 2009 is the number of biotech companies has increased and thus the workers. For the first time, there were over 30,000 people. Almost as many also work in research and teaching.

Energy Technology – top growing careers

The Association of German Machine and plant builder comes in an investigation to the conclusion that tripled the share of renewable energies in the European electricity production by 2030 compared to 2007 to almost 50 percent. The other half of the required electricity will continue to come from conventional plants. But many of these are inefficient and must be replaced by modere plants.

The consequence is an investment in the energy market of more than € 1,000 billion in the next 20 years. The conversion toward renewable energy and efficient equipment is prescribed by the European Union carbon dioxide emissions and consumption should be reduced through increased efficiency, the proportion of renewable energy sources will be increased.

The fundamental transformation of energy makes work. According to the Agency for Renewable Energies, the industry currently has approximately 300,000 employees in 2009 alone came to 15 000. In ten years the number of employees has quadrupled by 2020 there will be half a million.

Health service – top growing careers

Because people are living longer, they are more susceptible to disease. This is reflected in the health industry. With total spending of 263 billion euros in 2008, it is not only the most important sector of the German economy but also the biggest employer. No other industry has more employees: according to information from the Federal Statistical Office, 4.6 million employees working in health care and that every ninth.

Between 2000 and 2008, according to the Census Bureau increased the number of employees by half a million, representing an increase of twelve percent. The new careers were created mainly in the health and social service professions. Example, the number of physical therapists, nursing and nurses at the medical and dental assistants.

The staff at the hospital declined. Increasingly, outpatient instead of inpatient treatment is one reason for opposing this development, and significantly different. A report commissioned by the Federal Economics Ministry predicted for 2030, some 6.7 million workers in health care.

Optical Technologies

Light can do much more than just light up. In optoelectronics – a word combination of optics and electronics – will be converted to optical signals into electronic. The generation of electricity using solar cells is a very typical application for this technology. Other devices are optical diagnostics in medicine, optical fiber networks for data traffic and measuring technique with high precision. Lasers produce light and are also bundled with it a part of the optical technologies, a cross-sectional technology with implications in many wastelands, from electronics to mechanical engineering to medical technology.

Germany is world market leader in many areas of laser technology, announced the Federal Ministry for Education and Research. In high-power lasers for materials processing in the world market share with 2.5 billion euros at 40 percent. By the Light of the Future – the LED and OLED (organic light-emitting diode) – there are twelve percent. The Optoelectronics Industry / Laser Technology employs about 140,000 people. The turnover in 2008 was around 23 billion €. Between 2005 and 2008, the average annual sales growth of over twelve percent.

Environmental Protection

‘Government and companies have invested considerable resources for environmental protection. This commitment is reflected in the investment and the number of employees who deal directly or indirectly with it.’ These statements come from the German Institute for Economic Research, which regularly examines the importance of environmental protection as an economic factor in Germany.

Environmental mainstreaming of gender identity and not just in one sector of the economy, but widely spread. The Institute is for 2008 of about 1.8 million employees in the climate. The comparison with 2002 shows the enormous growth in four years, emerged around 300,000 points.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety has investigated in his research projects, the ’employment of renewable energies in Germany in 2009′. Then took place the largest increase in photovoltaics, which gives most of it with some 87,000 employees in the wind energy, in total there were around 305,000 employees.

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