Top Korean Products to Try

I love Korean cuisine! It has a lot of varieties, it’s tasty, and it’s healthy. A typical Korean meal always has side dishes, and if you’ve been to a Korean restaurant that sells authentic meals, the side dishes are enough to fill an empty stomach. And if you get to the main course, you can’t help but finish everything.

But I’m not going to talk about Korean cuisine in this article. As what the title says, this is a list of the top Korean products that I recommend for you to try.

1. Pepero
“Pepero” is a cookie stick snack that’s dipped into chocolate and other flavors such as strawberry. It’s similar to a pretzel, but the difference is that pepero is long and slender. This snack is so popular in Korea that it has a special day in honor of it. Every November 11th, South Koreans greet each other “Happy pepero day!” It’s not a national holiday, but they celebrate it anyway. Why November 11th? If you write this date using numbers, it goes 11/11, which is similar to 4 pepero sticks.

2. Korean Ice Cream
The first time I tried a Melona ice cream, I was like, “This is SOOO GOOD!” That day, I ate 4 Melona ice cream. I like the smooth consistency and the creaminess of the ice cream.

3. Choco Pie
Choco pie is another popular Korean snack that is similar to a big marshmallow coated with chocolate. It has a shape of a dome, with a flat base made of cookie. The most popular brand for this snack is Lotte, but you can try other brands, too.

4. Instant Noodles
Last but not the least, I suggest that you try Shin Ramyun, a popular brand of instant noodles. Be warned, though, because this type of noodles can be spicy for you. To prepare, follow the same procedure as you do with instant noodles. Boil some water, put the noodles and the other ingredients in, and then let it boil until soft enough to eat. If you want, you can put some egg. This will make it more delicious!