Top Local SEO Tools To Use for Your Campaigns

Ever since people have began to use Local SEO, it has become the bread and butter of websites of small businesses, directing people on their homepage and landing more profits. As Google’s algorithms progressed, so does the process of the site optimization. And now, it’s not only limited to certain strategies and coding, one can also use certain tools for their Local SEO campaigns. Here are some of them.

Yext Power Listings

One of the important aspects of Local SEO are citations of the business in different local directories. Typing in your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) every time in a directory can be a very time consuming task.

With this tool, it makes that job a hell of a lot faster. Using this tool, you can post your NAP and any updates regarding your business to over 50 directories simultaneously among other things like being able to see the reviews about your business as well as seeing the flow of traffic on your different listings.

Yext is not free, but considering it’s efficiency and the benefits you’ll sow from it, every penny spent on using it is definitely worth it.

Schema Markup

In an effort to standardize structured markup, Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex collaborated to create, the homebase of the Schema Markup Tool. This tool allows the search engine webcrawlers to “read” the information of the web content and make it easier for them to include them for relevant search queries. Simply put, by using this tool on your site, you’re making it much easier for Google’s spiders to read the data and thus gives your site and overall increase in visibility. More exposure means more chances of your site being included in SERPs.


Keyword research is always important in determining which keywords will you need to focus on to gain more exposure. There are a lot of keyword tools out there and you’re not entitled to use only one. But if you have to choose, then Wordstream should be on the top of your list. The tool will search for the most viable keyword phrases related to the niche of your business from a database of over a trillion entries – it will be able to show you how a certain keyword ranks with Google’s search queries and more.


Chatting tools aren’t new to the area of customer service. There are already varying forms of them and mostly, they are very affordable. But don’t let their cheap price fool you in thinking that they aren’t that useful. These tools carry a great important in delivering the information that a customer wants the instant they ask for it. And though it may not directly help increase your Local SEO output, it does increase your chances of converting traffic into profit.

ClickDesk is one of the renowned chatting tools out there and has recommended by various SEO companies like Web123 Website Design Company .


While there are tools that work independently and are best paired with other tools for overall improvement in performance, some are already included in a complete package that will definitely give a definite boost in local SEO ratings.

One of the best examples would be Local SEO toolset by BrightLocal that can check the site’s rankings in local queries down to providing citations to different directories with ease. With over 1,600 citation sites under it’s belt, it’s certainly one of those tool packages that you’d want to get your hands on.

BrightLocal currently has 7 tools specifically tailored to help anyone in their Local SEO campaigns. And if you’re having doubts, you can always try their 30 day free trial to see if it works or not.