Top micro freelance sites where you can make money online!

Making money online has never been easier ever than now. A great number of micro freelance sites have emerged over the past few years, particularly recently. Sellers or in other words, freelancers are willing to do a wide variety of jobs for $5 to $300 at these freelance sites. If you are a client and looking for a freelancer to do a small job for you, then these sites are the best marketplaces.

I will focus on micro freelance websites where you can start your online freelance career if you have not stared yet. It is relatively a lot easier to find works at micro freelance sites. The biggest advantage here is, you can post a job and wait if any client go for it. You can post many jobs, usually up to 20 in many different fields ydepending on your skills. Customers also post jobs looking for freelancers to respond to them. There are plenty of jobs being advertised there by freelancers at these websites. You can offer a 300 word article for $5, for example in a job title. But you can ask for $30 for up to 2,000 words in the job description area. Therefore, earnings are not limited to only $5 per job that you create.

For all kinds of small jobs and services these sites are the best places and earnings opportunity is also huge. I have given the links below where you can sign up as a freelancer to get hired by employers. Also if you are looking to get a freelancer then check out the following websites.

Micro Freelance Sites


Fiverr is arguably the best freelance site of its kind. The traffic is just incredibly vast there. It has a very strong community, including both buyers and sellers. Jobs offered by sellers are $5 as the name of the site may indicate. Big orders can be placed by placing multiple orders. Therefore, earning opportunity is endless. Only disadvantage is payment is made through PayPal only to sellers. Many freelancers from certain countries do not have PayPal account and many cannot simply withdraw funds to their bank accounts from their PayPal accounts.


It is almost same as Fiverr. Things done by sellers here are for $4. It is my personal favourite site. It has an incredibly vast traffic too. It is one of the oldest sites of this kind. Payments are made via PayPal and payza, so no worry for those who do not have or cannot have a PayPal account.


Like fiverr and fourerr, it is a very reputed freelance site. Starting from $5 sellers are willing to perform a wide variety of tasks. Buyers can place multiple orders depending on the volume and nature of work. Payments are made through PayPal and payza. It is a must try website.


It is another nice freelance site with a lot feature that also pays through both PayPal and payza. The sellers can post jobs for things they are willing to do for $5 to $300. It is an exciting marketplace for buyers and sellers. Earning opportunities are good here too.


It is an exciting marketplace too where sellers are willing to do things or jobs for $5 to $250. The site pays freelancers through PayPal and payza. There are a lot of jobs being added everyday here. It can be a good choice for freelancers to make money online.


Like the above sites, sellers are willing to do many different things for certain amount of money. However, prices for jobs offered here are in euro. It is a busy marketplace. Earnings can be withdrawn to PayPal or payza account.

Apart from the above sites, I have also found gigbucks, tenbux and gigsstree sites very useful. Instead of having an account with a particular freelance website, it is more useful and financially viable to have accounts with a few freelance websites. It will give your freelance career a greater exposure to the wide world and the earning opportunities will also be far greater. Do some research online using the resources available out there, and find a freelance jobs provider that you find appropriate to sign up with. Then write your profile and experience sections well as and where it is appropriate to do so and start selling your jobs that you are willing to do. Start your career as a reelancer and earn money online in a great lifestyle.