Top Paying Keywords – Mesothelioma

Making money with AdSense can be a little tough. Whether you are using a Web 2.0 site to publish your articles or using your own website it’s very disappointing to spend the time researching and article, publishing it, then getting some links pointing to the article so you get some traffic and when you finally do get a click it’s for 3 cents. It usually doesn’t take long for a writer to figure out that he needs to research for higher paying keywords if he is going to make any money.

The problem most website owners are faced with is if they want to keep all the articles on their site based on one related subject this limits the subjects that they can write about. There are though many very high paying keywords that will fit with many different site themes. Often with some additional research into the keyword you are able to find ways that it is related to your website. One good source for these keywords and suggestions on how you can add them to your site is found on Top Website Tips “High Paying Keywords” page. But to give you a start here is an example.

Keyword Example Mesothelioma

Let’s take an example of an extremely high paying keyword – Mesothelioma. Your first thought might be that being this is a medical term it is in no way related to your website and therefore is of no use to you. Very likely you are wrong! Let’s take the example of “Pop’s Used Cars”. Now Pop being the internet swavy guy that he is, knows that one way to attract potential customers to his site is to write articles on his site discussing various automotive topics. He also likes to make a little side income on the site using AdSense. So, how can he incorporate this top paying keyword into the theme of his site?

First step, keyword research. Exactly what is Mesothelioma? Well, an internet search shows that it is a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. That doesn’t seem too promising yet. Let’s continue with our research. A little more research tell us that asbestos was (and is still) used in many different automotive products. The keyword is starting to look a little more promising now. It turns out that for years asbestos was used in brake pads, clutch pads and other automotive products.

Now that the research is done, how would this information be of interest to visitors of “Pop’s Used Cars”? Well, many automotive buyers are also enthusiasts that like to work on their own cars. And it turns out that there is a real danger of being exposed to asbestos dust while working on automotive brakes, clutches and other automotive systems. I’m guessing that these guys might be interested in finding out if they are at risk for Mesothelioma due to the asbestos exposure and would likely want to know how they can limit their exposure.

Looks like we now have the subject for a new article. Maybe something like “Do it yourself Mechanics and asbestos exposure” or the more controversial “Changing your brake pads may lead to Mesothelioma”, granted a little sensationalistic, but the key Is to get current readers of the articles on “Pop’s Used Cars” to go to the page, and maybe even click an AdSense link!

More research tips

While doing your research don’t forget to go to the landing page of a few of the adwords publishers that are competing for these terms. By checking what the keywords of their landing pages are, you get a good idea of what other keywords you want to make sure are incorporated on your new page.

Bottom line, do your research on the keyword well and make sure you create a page that will fit easily into your site and is useful to your current site readers. You don’t want to just add another page with some good keywords; you want to make sure that your visitors find the article to be useful. Don’t expect to get great search engine traffic; try to encourage your current readers to check out the page and give them a reason why they might want to click the ad that are displayed.