Top Rated All Season Tires

Top rated all season tires are best suited for all around driving performance and safety. The best rated tires will be rated higher than the original equipment rubber that came with your vehicle, and you will find that they provide a long lasting, comfortable driving experience in bad weather.

But the selection of top selling name brand tires is large. You will find companies such as Michelin, Bridgestone, and Goodyear offering quality rubber. But you can’t discount tires from companies such as BFGoodrich, Continental, Hankook, Yokohama, or Uniroyal. They make rubber that works exceptionally well in snow and rain.

Manufacturers offers different grades of rubber for their top rated all season tires — from passenger to touring and from performance to high performance. We will offer a comparision of the best all weather tires from each category.

Reviews of best rated all season tires from Goodyear

High performance: Goodyear Eagle GT offers an aggressive tread, which works OK in snow but are still very responsive in dry conditions. They feature an edge that protects your rims if you hit a curb. Like all Goodyears, they are noisy.

Performance: The Eagle RS-A has excellent grip on dry pavement and is a very stable and secure tire. It is noisy but offers a comfortable ride.

Touring: The Eagle LS2 comes standard as OEM equipment on many cars. They are long lasting — about 50,000 miles. Although they are not winter tires, they do work OK in the occasional snow and icy conditions.

Passenger: The Assurance ComforTred offers a smooth, fairly quiet ride. As an all around tire, these are stable at freeway speeds, with minimal wobble. They handle OK in rainy and wet weather but there are better options available.

Michelin all weather tire reviews

High performance: Pilot Sport A/S Plus accelerate well in dry conditions, but many people have noted that the inside edge wears prematurely. They are responsive during cornering, though.

Performance: In terms of price vs performance, the Pilot Exalto A/S is a top rated all season tire. They are quiet, handle snow and ice well, and offer a softer ride. You may even notice an increase in miles per gallon with these grippy tires.

Touring: Energy MXV4 Plus are OEM for many vehicles. They offer a good balance on tread wear, but have a high road noise at freeway speeds. They have decent traction, with about an expected 40K to 50K lifespan. They are expensive, though.

Passenger: The Harmony is safe tire in inclement weather, especially in rain. It works well for hard cornering and has even wear and great traction.

Top rated Bridgestone all weather tire reviews

High performance: The Potenza RE960AS Pole Position is one of the best all season tires for the money. They are quiet, track well, and have good winter traction.

Performance: Potenza RE92 has low rolling resistance, which makes it good for cars with low horsepower. These tires are not really suited for snow and lack traction. Tread life is also short, with a 160 rating.

Touring: The Turanza Serenity offers responsive turning in the corners, featuring smooth ride, as well. They don’t hydroplane and do well in wet weather. Expect at least 50K miles out of them.

Passenger: The Insignia SE200 is a decent tire for the money. It will hook up when the roads are bad and has good traction. It is also a reliable, quiet tire.

Best all weather tire reviews

Although reviews can be helpful, you have to keep in mind that your vehicle is probably different than the reviewers. This means the performance of your tires is dependent on your car, along with road conditions and how much air is in your tire.

You can, however, get a good feel for the rubber’s tread life from reading reviews, though.

I hope this article about the top rated all season tires has been of help to you.