Top Rated Artificial Christmas Trees

Christmas time isn’t too far away. By the time we know it Halloween and Thanksgiving will be on the horizon so it isn’t surprising that many households are also contemplating this year’s Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is a big decision each and every year and many consumers wrestle with the decision between real or artificial trees.

Artificial Christmas trees have many advantages over the real thing and there are many different styles on the market. To make your shopping trip less stressful we’ve collected some of the top rated artificial Christmas trees on the market today. The holidays should be fun and one way to ensure that is by making this decision as easy and informed as possible.

The Traditional Tree

In the past many people have lamented that artificial trees, while environmentally friendly and easier on everyone, simply do not have the look or feel of a traditional tree. Artificial trees in the past may not have looked perfect, but changing times and technology have engineered some pretty realistic looking artificial trees. One such tree is the National Tree 7’5 foot ‘Feel Real’ Douglas Fir.

Douglas Firs are the trees that everyone remembers from their childhood homes and Christmas tree farm visits. The look is actually pretty hard to replicate with artificial but National Tree has done a great job. The outer branches can be fluffed and arranged to create a full and realistic looking tree and the needles feel like traditional Douglas Fir needles.

It is also easy to assemble and comes in about 4 separate parts. The base has the branches pre-hung to it so there is never a need to figure out what branch goes were. National Tree really set out to get the job done for its customers and the delivered. this tree definitely makes the list of top rated artificial Christmas trees! Read more here.


Not everyone is a into the traditional look of a green Christmas tree. In fact, some homes and styles are simply suited for a more modern looking tree and in those cases the OEM LED-Fiber Optic Christmas Tree is the perfect choice.

This 6 foot tree is easy to assemble in just a few moments and the fiber optics strands and LED lights are pre-installed for extra ease of set up. The tree also comes with a music box connected to it and the lights pulse and change to the music being played. You can choose to have the tree on with music or simply lights that fade in and out.

While this isn’t the most traditional looking tree it surely has a modern charm and a serious wow-factor that will impress even the most decerning of eyes. The different look makes this one of the top rated artificial Christmas trees for the 2012 holiday season. Read more here.

Good Tidings Norway Spruce Artificial Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree, 3-Feet, Multi-Color LightsMini-Trees

If you are living in a shoebox apartment or ,say, a college dorm you probably can’t drag a 6 foot tree into the place be it artificial or real. Well, that’s why mini trees exist. You get the Christmas feel without sacrificing 75% of your useable living space. The Good Tidings Norway Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree is an acceptable choice for small spaces.

The three-foot tall tree can be placed on a desk or table to give it extra height or simply placed on the floor. It comes pre-strung with multi-colored lights to make your job even easier. The branches are pre-hinged to the base and initial setup takes mere seconds. Upon set up the branches merely need to be spread and fluffed. Once that is done garland and ornaments get the job done. Total set up time is probably safely under 30 minutes.

This tree looks good and is perfect for small spaces which is why we think it is one of the top rated artificial christmas trees this year. Read more here.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree with Blanket (Non-Musical)The Non-Traditional Choice

Everyone remembers Charlie Brown dragging home his sad little tree in the classic Christmas Cartoon. Well, the good news is you, too, can have this wild, non-traditional tree. Peanuts offers these novelty trees at retailers around the world to keep the spirit of Charlie Brown alive.

Standing at 18-inches tall it is the perfect little tree for a coffee table or a home that isn’t ga-ga for Christmas. The novelty factor and the added ‘Linus’ blanket as a tree skirt makes this one of the top rated artificial christmas trees to date. No list would be complete without counting this little novelty item! Read more here.