Top Rated Laminate Flooring

Getting top rated laminate flooring can upgrade the look of your kitchen or living room. Your new tile flooring will look great because it is engineered to replicate beautiful hardwood colors. But there are a few items you may want to consider before you install laminate tile floors, which we’ll look at in this article.

Hardwood floors improve the look of any room, but they are difficult to install and expensive. Two solutions are engineered hardwood or laminate. Engineered hardwood is still made from wood. It is strong and features stacked layers of hardwood. Laminate floors, however, are made from medium density fiberboard and have a photographic image of wood as the top layer. It is not real wood.

Best laminate flooring brands

Armstrong laminate flooring is top rated. The tiling is affordable and durable, and is designed to withstand high traffic and impact. This means you won’t have to worry about damaging the beautiful wood-like finish if something gets dropped on it.

Because Armstrong flooring is not hardwood and has a top layer simulated from a photograph, you will be able to get many different wood stain colors, including cherry, caramel birch, barrel oak, vintage pine — even exotic colors like afzelia, jatoba, Yorkshire walnut, among others.

But you don’t have to worry about just getting a wood finish, either. If stone is more appropriate for your kitchen, you have that option, too. Armstrong offers stunning weathered stone designs and patters that will turn a drab kitchen floor into a work of art.

DuPont flooring is also an excellent choice. This is a very realistic floating floor that comes in stylish styles, including wood, stone, and slate patterns. The wood styles look best in a living room or den, and the stone and slate floor patterns look best in a kitchen or dining room.

DuPont is a very popular choice, available at Home Depot. Because it simulates the look of expensive hardwoods but is easier to install and less expensive, it is an top rated choice for your home.

Pergo floors are another best seller. They offer more than 200 patterns, styles, and shades of stained wood on their top rated laminate flooring.

You can find stains such as whitened pine to Scottish oak to rich, warm cherry and walnut hues. And their textures and grains are very realistic, simulating read wood.

Despite their beautiful design, Pergo floors take abuse, as well. Whether you drop plates or glasses or move tables, they don’t scratch like other less expensive brands. To illustrate their long lasting strength, Pergo even offers a guarantee for up to 50 years.

Pros and cons of laminate floors

The best laminate flooring will take abuse. You can hit it with a hammer and it won’t dent or break. If you try that with a real oak hardwood floor, the hardwood will dent.

These fake floors are very durable, which is excellent if you have a high trafficked area. But there are limitations. Water will destroy a laminate floor.

Water can seep into the joints and cause the boards to swell. As they swell, they become damaged. The only way to solve the problem is to replace those boards, which is difficult because the entire floor would need to be redone.

Installing a fake wood floor is easy, too. The simulated wood pieces snap together and require no tools other than a saw to cut them to fit. A tile floor can be installed in a few hours, as well.

Compare that to a hardwood floor, which requires special tools that many people don’t have. Hardwood also takes time to install — rather than hours, it will take days.

Top rated laminate flooring can be just home decor to improve the style of your home.