Top reasons for using CPanel

CPanel is a wonderful hosting control panel that makes it easy to web owners to manage and host their websites. If you are confused whether you should opt for CPanel hosting or not, here are the top reasons and benefits of using the same.
Simple user interface
One of the biggest reasons for using CPanel is that it has an extremely simple user interface. Most of the tasks can be completed at the click of a button via CPanel. CPanel features easy to read menu with descriptive icons that help one manage one’s website quite simply. One doesn’t need to possess server programming knowledge when using CPanel.
Makes domain and email account management quite easy
Managing the otherwise cumbersome task of email accounts and domain accounts becomes so simple and easy with CPanel. With CPanel you can easily control, edit, create, and modify your existing email accounts. You can set up auto-responders, forwarders, filtering, and spam/junk protection in a few seconds using CPanel.
Integrate various plugins to your website
If you wish to add plugins to your website, such as forums, polls, surverys, etc, CPanel would let you do it quite easily. Installing scripts and plugins becomes so simple with CPanel.
Edit your site easily
CPanel lets users edit their site and files very easily. You can work with the file manager straight from the dashboard without an FTP application, and can also set up and manage FTP accounts if you wish to use different software for the management of your file directory.
Effortless back-up
It is very important to take back-up of your website if you don’t wish to lose crucial details and information in event of server failure or any other problem. CPanel features a back-up wizard that makes backing up of the sites lot easier. You can easily restore the back up in case of server crash or any unfortunate instance.

Website tracking
cPanel lets you track statistics with your website. If you want to know many hits your website is getting you can do that by using Logs section of the CPanel.
If you wish to enjoy the above benefits, use CPanel web hosting and make website management simple and hassle-free.