Top Reasons to Watch Nashville (TV Series)

Nashville is one of my favorite TV shows at the moment. It’s still in its first season, so if you’re looking for a quality show that you and your family can watch together, I strongly recommend Nashville. Why? Here are the top reasons.

1. Nashville is country music behind the scenes.

Take a sneak peek at what’s happening behind doors as far as the country music scene is concerned. Isn’t that refreshing? MTV and other channels create behind-the-scenes and reality shows mostly about pop stars and artists, so if you’re tired of watching Lady Gaga, go country with Nashville.

2. It’s all about the music.

They play great country music. I don’t know what makes a great music “great.” But what I know is that the songs they play on the show are something that even non-country music fans can appreciate.

3. See Hayden Panettiere’s acting prowess.

Before Nashville, Hayden has been typecast by many as a pretty blonde who bitches around, and as a cheerleader. Seriously, she can do better than that. She’s a “bitch” in the movie, but you can see how dedicated she is in getting what she wants. Oh, did you know she can sing country? She did pop a couple of years ago, but as Juliette Barnes, Hayden will let you see her in a different light.

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4. Stars are people, too!

Pop stars are usually portrayed as glamorous and hard-partying people. This may be true to some, but Nashville exposes you to the more “homey” and more personable characters and traits of stars we love.

5. You can watch Nashville on the Internet.

Through streaming, you can watch this show even without a television set. Even if you miss it on TV, you still can watch it.

Nashville stars Hayden Panettiere, connie Britton, Chip Esten, Eric Close, Jonathan Jackson, and more! It’s shown by ABC. The first episode was aired in October last year. As of this writing, the show is already on its 15th episode. Based on the numbers published by Wikipedia, Nashville gets an average viewr number of 5 million.

Get Nashville music here.

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