Top Restaurants in La Porte, TX

If you are in the La Porte, TX area, there are many restaurants you can eat at. Whether you are eating with your friends or with your family, these restaurants are ideal to consider. They will give you a pleasurable dining experience, leaving you full and happy.Click here to find out more about restaurants in this area.

Main 101 Grill & Bar

You may be looking for an elegant place to dine with your significant other. If this is the case, then Main 101 Grill & Bar is a great option to go with. Featuring elegant lighting and ambient music, you can have the perfect romantic meal while relaxing at the same time. All of the vegetables and fruits are fresh, enhancing all of the meals provided.

They have a lot of Italian salads to choose from, as well as some top-notch wines. There is a lot of variety in terms of seafood, which is great if you are willing to try something a bit different. Whether you want fish, lobster or shrimp, this grill and bar has it all. If you are just looking to drink, this restaurant has a lot of quality cocktails. The staff here is extremely accommodating and friendly, providing you with an enjoyable dining experience.

Gringo’s Mexican Café

If you are looking for Mexican cuisine, you might want to try Gringo’s Mexican Café. Before your meal is served, you can grub out on some chips and salsa. There are also stuffed mushrooms and cheese sticks if you are looking for something a little more filling. The chicken Cabo salad is a fan favorite, and of course, there are many varieties of enchiladas to choose from.

There are a wide variety of domestic and import beers to choose from, helping you kick back and relax in a friendly environment. The restaurant also has a weight watchers menu, allowing you to eat great tasting food without having to worry about messing up your diet. These foods include wraps and salads. If you are having a party, you can make reservations. Decorations and party favors will be set up, giving your children a memorable experience with their friends.

King’s Barbeque and Steak Co.

For some high quality barbeque that tastes great, you can head on over to King’s Barbeque and Steak Co. This restaurant is a great smokehouse for experiencing different types of meats. From steaks to sausages, you can have it all. The atmosphere is family friendly, making it a great place to bring your children and their friends.

If you enjoy the food so much, you can get a gift card for the family. The restaurant also offers catering, which is great if you are holding an office meeting or hosting a special event for charity. All of the meats are reasonably priced, so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune. Popular things on their menu include turkey, hamburgers, grilled chicken, chicken fried steak, chicken fried check, link sausage, pork ribs and sliced ham. Each food is grilled to perfection.

There are a lot of quality Restaurants in La Porte, TX. From Mexican to Italian, the restaurants above will give you the chance to eat great tasting food, while be surrounded in a welcoming, elegant environment.

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