Top Sites to Learn Cooking Online

Although learning to cook tends to be difficult; the free resources at our disposal including the millions of videos, recipes, and courses online are beginner-friendly and make it simpler for rookies to learn cooking.

Do your capabilities in the kitchen end with just boiling an egg? Well, don’t fret. Just like with other skills, everything you will need to learn to be an excellent cook can be easily found online.

So, the best thing to begin with is easy and quick recipes that won’t devastate you and place you off the ideas of ever setting your foot in the kitchen again. The list below contains the four best sites that have simple-to-do recipes; a few include video tutorials, while others include introduction to cooking basics. Read on and take your pick for you can easily learn to cook online with these sites.

Web Cooking Classes

Web Cooking Classes, an outstanding recipes site with a great twist has a very long list of simple recipes for beginners to dive into right away. And if you’re a little exploratory, or happen to have a particular ingredient handy, allow Web Cooking Classes to tell you what dishes can you make using it.

Web Cooking Classes has interesting online cooking classes and useful features too. It has an extensive range of recipes from many international cuisines that you can surf by geographical locations.


Epicurious, one among the most famous websites for recipes, has a full section committed to Easy and Quick Recipes. You can surf recipes by meal types including kids’-friendly, desserts and salads, amongst others.

Signing for an account will allow you to make your notes, review as well as save the recipes to your own list, and even have a shopping list for the recipes that you would like to make.

Epicurious’ best feature definitely, which comes in very useful for beginners, is its Menus element. Rather than trying and figuring out what dishes to arrange for a complete meal, you can always have Epicurious do it for you.


It takes yet another great approach. Unlike all other listed sites, it doesn’t have a clear “Simple recipes” segment to click; however, it has something which is even better. Using its advanced search features, you can state the difficulty level, the time cooking must take and one or two ingredients.

The site has some tips also that are helpful for novices, including stuff like how to peel tomatoes easily and how to easily cook corn. Like Plumello, this site also helps you remain organized for it also has features like shopping lists.


If you’re the type of person who requires real-time account of how the foods should look while you cook, you can make use of online cooking video. Cooking TV shows usually are way too quick to follow, but by having handy videos, you can pause or rewind them, which make them a great method to learn recipes. YouTube is a wonderful resource for cooking videos. Just look for whatever you wish for.