Top Three Gas Camping Fire Pits

Choosing a Fire Pit for Camping

Portable Camping Fire PitsI love to camp with family and friends and one of the most important (and enjoyable) aspects of sleeping outdoors is having a cozy fire to gather around each evening. There are so many choices when it comes to camping fire pits but the type you can use does depend on where you intend to set up camp.

Many places no longer allow an in ground fire or even an open fire and there are often burn bans in place. What this means is no wood or charcoal fires are allowed. However a gas fire pit can almost always be used in these situations, although it is advisable to check ahead anyway.

When you are choosing a fire pit there are several things to take into account, portability, function and heat output are three of the most important.

Below I have compared the top three choices in gas fire pit to help you decide.

The Little Red Campfire from Camco

Little Red Campfire

Little Red Campfire

The ‘little Red Campfire’ from Camco is one of the most popular choices with campers and is also a very affordable option for regular campers. It offers the highest heat output of the three listed here at 65,000 btu’s per hour.

It also happens to be the smallest of the three, weighting just 16.4 pounds making it very portable and convenient for use anywhere. It has been approved for RV campgrounds and uses standard LP gas.

Overall this is my top choice of all the fires listed if what you are looking for is a lightweight unit that offers great heat. When it comes to function you get exactly what you would expect from a fire, heat and ambiance. If you need a campfire that you can cook on, there is a cooktop available separately that can be used for quick meals.

Campfire in a Can

Campfire in a Can

Campfire in a Can

The Campfire in a Can is another popular choice and is very similar to the ‘little red’ above. It offers 64,000 btu’s of heat per hour and also weighs just over 16 pounds.

Both come with a convenient cover for transport.

It is however bigger than the Camco fire with a diameter of 15 inches and it comes with a cooking grate.

The two are very similar in function, portability and heat. The only real difference is in the price, the campfire in a can is quite a bit more expensive.

Heininger Portable Fire Pit

Heininger Fire Pit

The Heininger gas fire pit is my third choice and like all three is a bestseller on Amazon. (each unit listed here has an average star rating of over 4).

The Heininger is different to the other two as it has now cover, is larger overall at 19 inches diameter and weighing 22 pounds.

It offers slightly less heat at 58,000 btu per hour but is still a great choice overall for camping with the family.

It can also be used as a patio fire pit and is the most affordable of the three.


All three camping fire pits listed are extremely popular models and offer similar capabilities. The real differences are in size, price and heat output. Portability is important but depends on your needs, how far you will be parked from your campsite and how much weight you are willing to carry.

The Camco is the best option for anyone who wants maximum heat in a lightweight, compact unit whereas if you are looking for an all in one unit for heat and cooking the Campfire in a can may be a better choice. If a larger fire pit is what you are looking for and you don’t need a cover the Heininger Outland model is a great choice.