Top Three Maternity Stores That Offer Designer Fashions

Being pregnant can be a wonderful time for both you and your unborn child. Comfort is a necessity along with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and exercise your pregnancy will be off to a great start. There are many places to shop for maternity clothing; but after researching on-line maternity stores there were three that provide all of the necessities and clothing needed as a first time mother.

A pea in the pod

Formerly known as Mimi Maternity, ‘A pea in the pod’ is a one-stop-shop on-line store that offers designer name brands such as True Religion and Nicole Richie. It’s all about fashion with “A pea in the pod” and they have beautiful maternity clothing at reasonable prices. offering a wide selection of comfort pillows for the expectant mother, A pea in the pod

They provide a monthly newsletter and offer tips and advice to the expectant mother-to-be. The site in general is easy to maneuver and the images are very professional; but compared to other on-line stores they are a little pricier.

Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel

Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel is one of the oldest maternity clothing franchises both on-line brick and mortar. They offer many notable designers when it comes to maternity such as Juicy Couture and Rock & Republic; but are lacking when it comes to actual affordability. If you have ever been on Face book or Twitter they have a presence with many women who are moms-to-be. You can also sign-up for the newsletter which is chocked full of news, tip and advice when it comes to pregnancy and maternity.

Ma mere

Ma mere is a company based in Australia that offers nursing dresses on-line and pregnancy sleepwear among other accessories and needs for a new mom-to-be. Their on-line presence is quite popular among the Aussies and there designer and European fashions are insuperable. The website is one of the easiest stores to maneuver and they also offer newsletters, tips and advice for the expectant mother. They will assist with calculating your size and offer advice on the importance of maternity wear.
There nursing dresses and maternity wear are not only comfortable but well designed by many of the top designers in the industry today. They offer exchange and return on all of their merchandise based on their return policies and they will not disclose any information to third-parties.
Depending on what your needs are and what you are looking for during your pregnancy Ma mere maternity offers affordable prices, one-stop shopping and designer fashion all in one place.