Top Tips for Choosing Motorcycle Batteries and ATV Batteries

For your motorcycle and ATV excursions, premium batteries contribute to trouble-free trips. It’s vital you choose the best product for your particular machine. Here are the top tips for choosing motorcycle batteries and ATV batteries.

Motorcycle Batteries

Your search begins with an online vendor who offers variety of product. Choose a supplier that has batteries for almost every motorcycle application. This includes Ducati, Yamaha, Norton, Honda, and Kawasaki batteries.

Top brands also include Suzuki, Harley Davidson, BMW, Royal Enfield, and Puch, among others. Concentrate on securing premier quality sealed-lead-acid (SLA) replacement motorcycle batteries. These SLA batteries are maintenance free.

Premium batteries of this type mean no more terminal corrosion. In addition, there is no tarnished chrome or acid that leaks. Consequently, you’re not hassled wasting time with clean ups.

Remember that the average replacement battery only offers a six month to one-year warranty. You can do better than that when shopping for motorcycle batteries. Find a quality manufacturer that offers a full two-year warranty.

Warranties are a significant added benefit. You’re investing money and expect a manufacturer to back their product appropriately. When they do, you travel with confidence knowing they’ll take care of any repair or malfunction concerns.

Find product from a manufacturer who makes batteries for an array of machines. These include motorcycles, street bikes, choppers and dirt bikes. A manufacturer who provides for these types becomes your top source for future needs.

To make online searching faster, use your motorcycle battery selector. This feature eliminates time-wasting search activities. You simply search based on your vehicle make, model, CC and year.

Another way to find product quickly is through searching by part number. Using this method, you search by model number or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part number.

ATV Batteries

A major concern when looking for ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile and other batteries is lead content. More lead equals more power.

Research the qualities of ATV batteries packed with more lead than inferior brands. A top manufacturer incorporates significant amounts of the purest form of lead alloy. These batteries often have up to 25 percent greater capacity.

Search out and investigate product designed to last and outperform other brands. Again, as with motorcycle batteries, look for that two-year warranty for ATV batteries. Use an online supplier’s ATV battery selector based on your specific vehicle needs.

Your online supplier should have premium quality replacement ATV batteries for top brands. These include Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki. Additionally, they include Husaberg, Kymco, Polaris, and Panda Motor Sports along with others.

Considering the above two types of batteries, look for ones with an innovative terminal configuration. For example, a terminal arrangement exists that allows users to not worry about the positive or negative.

In this arrangement, each battery has four terminals. They mount flush from the top, side and front of the battery. There is benefit to this type of arrangement on a battery.

As an illustration, one manufacturer uses this environmentally friendly design. They were able to reduce 184 OEM motorcycle batteries down to 34 batteries.

Take the time to research the best motorcycle batteries and ATV batteries on the market. Your focus should be strong performance and long-lasting use. Your outdoor motoring activities are that much better with premium batteries.