News Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination


Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

Whether you are the bride or the groom, there is no doubt that you will be looking forward to the honeymoon, quite possibly just as much as the big day itself. It is after all the vacation of a lifetime and if all goes to plan will be the vacation that you remember for the rest of your life.

Creating that once in a lifetime, dream honeymoon experience, takes a great deal of forward thinking, advanced preparation and clever design. With so many components to be organised, you don’t need the stress and heartache, so find a specialist that can do it all for you, from flights to land arrangements and those honeymoon holiday surprises for your bride or groom. An effortless honeymoon experience from creation to completion is what we all want!

Top tips to help make your honeymoon holiday effortless and truly unforgettable for all of the right reasons!

1. Start Thinking and Planning in Advance

There is nothing worse than last minute rushed decision making when it comes to the most important holiday! Researching and planning should be an exciting part of the process, not daunting. Find a company that takes time to really understand what you and your loved one seek in a honeymoon holiday. From there on it will be a rewarding process from creation to completion.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

2. Consider Available Vacation Time

Knowing how long you have off work is crucial when it comes to deciding on which part of the world, you have time to explore and enjoy.

If you are considering an international honeymoon holiday it is important to allow ample time to arrive, recover from jetlag and really immerse yourself in the environment.

If you only have a short vacation time available due to work, family or other personal commitments, then you may want to focus on destinations that can be reached in just a matter of hours. By plane this still leaves a lot of options but if you are limited by budget or preference to overland travel then you may need to concentrate your search closer to home.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

3. What is Your Preferred Climate?

What climate do you both thrive in? Are you su lovers or are you seeking a winter season getaway? Most honeymoon destinations experience seasonal climates and prices.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

4. Consider Your Preferred Activities and Entertainment (rewritten)

Know what you both want to be doing and experiencing on your honeymoon. Perhaps you want different things, so can you combine two destinations as a compromise? An African honeymoon safari can offer great beach or island honeymoon finales. For instance you could go on a honeymoon safari in South Africa and then experience a beach honeymoon in Mauritius or Mozambique. Some even like to go honeymoon in Madagascar to see lemurs and laze on the beach. The world is your oyster, just know what you want to experience then it will help determine where is best to go.

5. Find Something That Appeals to Both Partners

As briefly mentioned above, in order for a honeymoon holiday to be successful the destination and all that it offers must appeal to both bride and groom! Make sure this decision is not made selfishly but rather let it kick start your marriage off on the right foot by taking into account your other halves tastes and interests as well as your own.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

6. Establish Your Budget

The money question! Nobody likes being asked ‘what is your holiday budget’. But if you know in advance just how much you have to spend, it makes for easy planning.

Think about your honeymoon holiday budget in two portions – airfares and then land arrangements.

Remember many places, particularly a safari honeymoon with beach or island honeymoon finale will offer specials and savings plus great value adds like free drinks or massages and discounted nights.

7. Book Early and With a Reputable Travel and Tour Agency (edited)

Nothing worse than missing out because you left it to the last minute. You want your honeymoon to be perfect. Compromising should not be an option when it comes to your Romantic Honeymoon Destinations.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination

So start planning early so you can book early and be guaranteed availability. Also make sure that you are working with a company that has a great reputation. Look at client feedback on their website. Service is everything, so find someone who offers personal service, professional and unbiased advise and the all essential 24/7 customer care whilst you are travelling.

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Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Honeymoon Holidays Destination
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