Top Tips For Surviving The First Weeks At University

My top TEN tips for surviving Fresher’s Week

1. Plan your budget for Freshers week. Many people spend too much on alcohol and don’t have much money left for other activities or for further on in the year, planning in advance always helps. Don’t do anything in your first week that you will spend the next three years regretting – this could include getting in with a dodgy crowd, falling in love with the first person you meet or blowing all your money on something ludicrous.

2. Don’t slip into bad habits like eating takeaways all the time, leaving dishes piled up, drinking a lot and sleeping late . Once you start with a bad habit it’s difficult to break. When you are strapped for cash and have difficulty fighting the urge to buy another takeaway (with no plates because they are all piled up in the sink) or go on another night out you WILL see why.

3. There will be plenty of clubs and sports teams advertising their interest in new members during freshers week and can be a great way of getting to know people with the same interests as you as well as people who have been at the university longer than you with all the extra knowledge that that brings.

4. Try and do your shopping online. As fun as popping to the supermarket will be during Freshers’ Week, it’ll soon become a chore. The carrying of heavy bags itself should put you off and you are less likely to buy every item that catches your eye.

5. Wear comfortable shoes to the endless registration meetings, you will be queueing for quite a while (and you WILL need those passport photos at this stage).

6. Umbrella – especially if moving to London.

7. ID – is a must to have on you 24/7 you’ll need it every where!

8. Camera – useful for reminding you of what the drink made you forget.

9. Headache tablets – if there’s one thing you’ll regret leaving behind on a Sunday morning – it’s these.

10. Photos – so you don’t forget what your Mum looks like.