Top Tips on How to Save Money

How do I save money you ask?

How to save or how do I save money are a couple of questions I hear all the time so here are some easy ways to start saving money now. I am not a saving money expert but I do know how to save. These money saving tips are probably ones you have heard of before or maybe even have tried in the past.

It helps to be reminded some times of the easy ways to help you save money. If you make little tweaks here and there you might not notice much of a difference in one area but you will notice overall that you are saving money.

A tweak here and there and all of a sudden you will be saying to yourself WOW what a difference. Here are some easy ways to start saving now.

Turn your heat down in the winter time. Turn it down by just one degree over the length of winter can save you money.

Everyone has a temperature that they are most comfortable at. What if you tried turning the furnace down by 1 degree and got used to that temp.

Over time that 1 degree will save you money and it won’t really seem like you are even trying to cut back. You will also be helping to lessen your global footprint on the earth.

Some more easy ways to save money

Turn your air conditioning down or should I say up since we are turning it down to make it cooler. This one works the same way as turning your heat down by 1 degree.

Try the same thing in the summer with your air conditioning. I bet you can get used to having your AC 1 degree warmer.

By doing this you will save money over time and will also be lightening your carbon footprint on earth as well.

Walk instead of driving. Try walking to the store or to work or wherever you are going instead of driving especially if you are only going a mile or two.

You will save money on gasoline and also wear and tear on your vehicle. You will also be getting some exercise and once again lightening your load when it comes to making your carbon footprint on Earth.

I didn’t really plan on having this hub be partially about lessening your carbon footprint on Earth but it seems that some things you can do to save money will definitely do just that which makes saving money this way even more attractive.

Another great idea for saving money

Pre plan meals and make your lunch for work or school. By planning your meals ahead of time you will be less likely to pick up fast food or head out to the restaurant.

Make your lunches for work or school at night to make sure you get it done. To make this work you will want to pick up groceries for the week also.

I go on Sundays and shop for the foods that I will be making that week for most of my meals.

You can go even further with this one by planning homemade meals like rice and fish and meat and potatoes instead of pre made meals. You will be healthier for it and you will be saving money on your grocery bill and by not heading out for lunches and suppers.

I do recommend treating yourself once every week or two to a lunch and dinner. Otherwise what is the point of working if you cannot enjoy anything?

1 more easy way to save money

Extend the amount of time between haircuts. This is one that I am just starting now. I have always been one to have my hair cut every 6 weeks no matter what. Being well groomed is important to me.

Recently I thought what if instead of going every 6 weeks I went every 7. Sometimes your hair seems to grow slower than other times so it seems very doable to me and really won’t make much of a difference with how my hair looks.

It saves me the price of a haircut in a year.

Doesn’t seem like much but if you add $30 here and $30 there all of a sudden you are now saving $500 or $600 in year with all of the different ways you are saving.

It is never too late to start saving. Good luck.