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Top Vacuum Cleaner Ratings

Vacuum cleaners are pretty much the most important appliance in the home. It keeps things clean and without it your carpet wouldn’t last long. There are many great models on the market and here are the top vacuum cleaner ratings based on the leading consumer research.

Hoover, a trusted name in vacuum cleaners has a canister vacuum cleaner called the Wind Tunnel that has the leading wind tunnel technology providing powerful suction at a higher consistent rate compared to other brands. The model is a unique low profile with outstanding cleaning attachments. The price is less than $300 making it a highly rated vacuum by consumers.

Dyson has the Ball All Floors upright vacuum cleaner that is a highly rated residential cleaner. The Dyson has a ball design to allow for larger coverage and easier navigation on the floors and tight spots. This model has a powerful suction that is consistent and remains clog free, which is one of the reasons Dyson is so popular with consumers. Another reason this vacuum is rated so highly is the HEPA filtration system that cleans the air with a one-touch easy to dispose of canister collection barrel making cleaning more effective.

Dyson Animal Cyclone is another model rated in the top five from consumers. This is a specialized cleaner for homes with pets and pet hair problems making these vacuum cleaner ratings high. The model comes with a kit that includes assistance to maintain and help with carpets especially with pets and the dirt they track into the home. The Animal cyclone has a powerful suction with 220 air watts that creates a clog-free suction that is strong enough to clean both dirt and pet hair that is embedded in the carpets. The cleaner is also great for furniture with a one-touch trigger action to empty the dirt canister as well as a mini turbine head that provides maximum cleaning for the furniture and removal of pet hair.

Hoover Steam Vac has Clean surge making it into the top five of the vacuum cleaners selected by consumers with a price under $200. The Clean Surge feature provides an extra boost for cleaning of the detergent for easier and faster cleaning of the heavier soiled carpeting. The special cleaning device has five scrubbing brushes that spin and provide a deep cleaning action for the carpets.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac is the last in the top five in the vacuum cleaner ratings. This model is available for about $150. The cleaner has a three-stage dust trap system on the upright. Included are on board tools with a stretch hose for reaching those hard to reach places. The power cord is 30 foot and has Power Paw attachments make removing pet hair easier and faster.

Choosing any of the above top rated vacuum cleaners would be wise decision.

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