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Top Waterpark Resorts to Visit in the Philippines this Summer

These are the best resorts to stay during summer.

Summer season in the Philippines can be unbearably hot and downright uncomfortable. It makes you want to go to the nearest beach and soak your body in the cool seawater. Well here’s a better idea. Why not soak your body in cool water and enjoy yourself at the same time?

There are multiple establishments in the Philippines that will be able to give you good dip while providing excellent service and fun factor. So check these waterpark resorts out and see if they can quench your thirst this summer.

Klir Waterpark Resort
Kabilang Bakood Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Luzon 3015, Philippines

Just a 30-minute ride away from Manila is Klir Waterpark. As a hotel, they have 38 rooms to offer for their overnight guests. Most are for two-people accommodation, but a family room can take up to 8 people at once. But enough of the rooms and amenities – we came here for the waterworks.

Klir Waterpark has a couple of large pools but the most notable would be their wave pools that can generate waves large enough for some people to scream as they are being swept away. There are various wave schedules listed down, and knowing these will help you make the most of your stay in this resort.

Amana Waterpark
Santisima Sy | Pandi, Malolos, Luzon, Philippines

Amana Waterpark is another themed hotel resort for the family that is located in Bulacan. Their rooms here are inspired by various themes like the Batanes houses – the designs were taken from the actual houses from Batanes. There are others and you can choose between one that has air conditioning and one that doesn’t.

As for the waterpark adventures, you and your family are treated to a number of pools. They have the biggest wave pool in the Philippines. This particular pool alone can produce up to 13 different kinds of massive waves for their guests. Other than that, they have the Avatar Pool, the Kiddie Pool, the Batanes Pool, a Twin Pool w/ Slide, an infinity pool and a fishpond to boot.

So, want to take a dip or want to simply see some fishes? Then this is the perfect place to go with your whole family.

8Waves Waterpark and Hotel
Doña Remedios Trinidad Hwy, San Rafael, 3008 Bulacan

Another waterpark resort that has a wave pool at its heart is 8Waves. This hotel resort also has a couple of pools like the Kiddie Pool, Bubble Pool, and a Lapping Pool, making it perfect for family gatherings as they can swim on the pool of their own choice. But aside from that, it can also accommodate people overnight.

Their hotel have various types of rooms ranging from standard to a presidential suite. There’s a food court here where you can eat but you can also bring in your own food as well. 8Waves is also a very popular destination spot for company outings and field trips in Luzon.

JPark Island Resort & Waterpark
M.L Quezon Highway | Brgy. Maribago, Lapu Lapu 6015, Philippines

This particular waterpark resort is located in Cebu – it’s the only one that isn’t located on the island of Luzon. It’s a very popular destination here Cebu as it is also complemented by the great beaches of Mactan. As a luxury hotel resort, the rooms here are big and well-maintained. Their services are great too, including the food.

As for their water rides, they have the Amazon River, the Island Pool, the Wave Rider, a beach-like pool and Capt. Hook’s Pool for the kids. For the slides, there’s the open body and the tube slide and the adrenaline pumping space bowl slide. JPark is one of the best choices out there if you are based in Cebu – there’s no need to go to Luzon to enjoy these kind of rides.

Splash Island
SLEX Southwoods | Laguna, Binan City, Luzon, Philippines

This is a hotel, but a genuine waterpark resort nonetheless. All you need is about 300 pesos for the entrance fee and you can enjoy all the rides here. The only thing you need to watch out for is that some rides follow a certain schedule. Some wouldn’t be available and will be opened later while other may be running for now but will be deactivated .

Their rides include the Rio Montanosa, Dos Supremos, Isla Pawikan, Twisted Palms, Big Bam Boo, Bannakita, Balsa River, King Pilipit, Magellan’s Drop, Tausug Trails, Agos Grandes, Boon Docks Water Wahoo, Twin Coco Knots, Camp Carambola, Curl-of-the orient and the Harbor. Take note – all of these are water rides.

Aside from these wide variety of choices, there are also various food establishments here. They can be a bit too pricey though.

More Waterparks

There are more waterparks available for you, especially in Luzon. If you want to get out of the heat temporarily, try to seek out these parks and bring your friends or family with you. It’s always fun when you do something together.

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