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Top Web Design Trends Dominating 2015

At the start of the year, designers came across a number of blogs and tech newsletters making predictions regarding web design trends that were set to rule 2013. Most of the trends were connected with the rise of smart mobiles and the demand for websites that worked well with smartphones and tablets, some were related to making ecommerce more effective, and others were general trends that had more to do with aesthetics than functionality.


Here, we will take a look at the predictions that came true – we will look at web design and development trends that have almost become norms, or have at least made a big impression during this year. Let’s take a look at ideas that have left the margins and taken the center stage during the last six months.


# Responsive Web Designs

The term ‘Responsive web design’ become quite popular in 2012. In the second half of the year, some pioneering web design companies had begun offering responsive web development services. As the number of mobile users continued to expand, the demand for websites that worked well on mobile and tablets grew.


This year, we have seen the world of responsive web design mature. Most web designers and design companies are offering responsive design services, and most business are aware of its importance. It is no longer a trend – it has become a norm. Powerful CMSes like WordPress now have mobile-ready templates and most companies offering free or paid design templates are making sure that they are responsive – these are sure shot examples that underline the fact the responsive web design has arrived.


# Full-Screen Layouts

While a full-screen layout isn’t the kind of thing that works will all kinds of websites, enough businesses and designers have utilized this approach to create websites that look aesthetical more appealing.


The trend has dominated new business websitesand it’s software, and it has found been used a lot with people creating their own personal websites too. While most web designer are used to fit websites into 960 pixel grid, the trend of full-screen layouts has come to fruition this year.


# Bold Colors, Minimalism and Grand Visuals

Connecting with the idea of ‘flat’ user interfaces are the ideas of minimal designs punctuated with bold colors and large photos. A lot of designers have embraced this novel method of designing attractive websites.


Undoubtedly, this trend to owe a lot of how web designs appear on mobile screens. We are seeing more and more designers use bold, retro colors, and we are also seeing a number of websites that hinge on large background images.


# Keep on Scrolling

The Internet is dominated by blogs and social networks – successful as well as unsuccessful. Most blogs that have been around for long time, or blogs that have a social feature, have a lot of content. For such blogs and websites, the technique of infinite scrolling is quite handy. But for the world of social media, it is godsend.


The most successful example of this topic is Pinterest and Google+, but thousands of blogs have also enabled infinite scrolling to make it easy for their users to keep on discovering topics. While not all websites can benefit from this technique, most of the popular websites and blogs that can, have either implemented it or are implementing it.


# Single Page Websites

Single page websites have been around since a long time. In fact, they have been around since the starting – most of the first few website did not have many pages. But this year, we have seen the evolution of single-page websites. Designers are splitting up the content in horizontal containers and enabling users to click on specific buttons to reach a particular part of the page.


Instead of scrolling the visitors can users can navigate the websites like any other conventional websites. This year, single page websites have become vastly popular, and more and more people are opting for single page websites instead of static ones with 5-10 pages.


What’s your take?

Of course, these are just the trends that I and my designer friends have noticed over the last 6 months. What’s you take on the topic? Which design trends or techniques do you feel have made their mark this year? Please let us know in the comments!


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