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What Causes Night Sweats?

what causes night sweats
I woke up three nights in a row with wet clothes and wet sheets. I was freezing and my skin was clammy - coated in wetness. What's going on? Maybe I was having a bad dream or maybe I had a fever or an...

How to Calculate BMI

calculate BMI
BMI calculations might seem like some esoteric and complicated process that you have no hope of figuring out. That's not true. Learning how to calculate BMI isn't magic or some scientific secret withheld by those in the know. If you've ever used a BMI...

How to Use a Body Fat Scale to Measure your Dieting Progress

body fat scale
It is not uncommon to meet a friend who has started dieting for the first time and is complaining about logging inches around the belly and the hips without seeing much improvement after weighing herself on a scale. If you've started an exercise program...

Most Accurate Bathroom Scale

accurate bathroom scale
If you are looking for the most accurate scale, make sure to look for a digital one. Compared to traditional bathroom scales with a meter, great digital scales will consistently give you the exact weight. A poorly made scale can give false information and...