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Some Strange and Weird Facts you Probably Didn’t Know

Are you hungry for information?  Or maybe you are just bored and want to read something interesting.  Here is a great list of 35 interesting facts that you might not already...

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What Are the Signs of Depression in Women

signs of depression in women
Gender and depression have long been the scope of research in the field of emotional disorders; most authors believe that depression occurs more often in women than in men. However, it seems that women also visit their doctor more often than men, which can...

Top 7 Superfoods for Men to Stay Young

superfoods for men
Superfoods are generally regarded as targeted foods that provide the maximum nutritional benefit - thus these foods are nutritionally-dense and provide concentrated health benefits that may improve vigor, vitality, and inspire healing. They comprise nutrients which reduce aging, increase stamina and boost metabolism. In...