Touch You With Words And Song

I write this poem with thoughts of you on my mind today.

hoping the words in this poem reach you where ever you are.

I want every word to touch your soul, that’s what I pray,

each rhyme in your mind, and on your heart, it leave a scar.

A song also the words from my mouth, I do softly sing,

it seems like these words in this poem, to you say more,

the song..words and tune, how I feel…better explain!

This poem and song, seems to reach and open my heart’s door.

Through these words, I’m hoping as you read, you feel as I,

love and feelings tender coming from within, never opened before!

To show you before, but failed, so with words full of love I try,

I’m reaching for you, as a man falling, no hope without you!

These words and song not just muttered, as words to fill time,

these words today wrote from places inside me, I never knew!

Inside me is a struggle of mind and peace, which will not calm,

till my eyes see your face, and with my heart, all my love spew.

Where are you?…if address I new, with stamps and pen..send,

if e-mail I had, type your address..and send button I’d push.

Desperate I sound, if I knew your door, I’d pound till you come,

these words from me, please know, I’m not beating around the bush!

To your love I now see, my whole body and you succumb!!!

Touching Words