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Tour to Agra with Travel Agents in Kolkata

A lot of tourists contact the travel agents in Kolkata and ask them to make proper arrangements for visit to the historic city of Agra to view the majestic Taj Mahal which is regarded as a symbol of pure love and chastity.

A lot of foreign nationals do visit India to explore the historical places as well apart from perceiving its heavenly beauty. The history of the Indian subcontinent is enriched with several epical stories of the great emperors and the mythological tales. According to the Hindu religion, there are infinite numbers of Gods and Goddesses and each of the deity have their own stories. The rulers who reigned India belonging from different dynasties and each of them built some or the other structure or monument at various places to eternalize their names in the historical records. One of such embellishing monuments is the spellbinding Taj Mahal located in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh.

Regarded amongst the Seven Wonders of the Word, this majestic monument certainly attracts tourists from all over the globe. It was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to perpetuate the memory of his third and most beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The white marble mausoleum was built in the seventeenth century. According to the travel agents in Kolkata, it is open on all days excluding Friday. It is a exotic blend of the Hindu and the Muslim modes of architecture. Everything about the monument is splendid and worth watching. One must perceive its magnificent beauty on a full moon night where the marbles has the liveliness and freshness which cannot be expressed in words. Indeed, it is one of the favourite shooting locations for many Bollywood and even some Hollywood films.

The marble has been cut and re-cut into the thinness of a pigeon feather and shaped into various delicate shapes and designs. The artisans has to work long and laboriously for years at great expense to the State. However, questions have also been raised as to why a responsible monarch like Shah Jahan exploited the masses for years just to satisfy his fancy? However, one could point out that human love expresses itself in several ways. This is ‘a vision in marble’ has immortalized the love that a monarch bore for a beautiful lady. It has become one of the UNESCO’s world heritage site. Apart from that it Charbagh and waterworks in the front which add to the splendour and there is also a Taj Museum attached to it.

The building stands majestically on the platform of the red stone. There are four high minarets-one in each corner with an impressive white dome in the centre. The tourists call it as one of the greatest symbols of love. On all the sides, you can view the gardens and spacious lawns laid out with cypress trees and flower beds. The river Yamuna flows nearby. There are fountains everywhere to add to the magic charm of the entire monument. The idea of space peculiar to the Mughal architecture has been wedded to the miniature carving which is invariably found in the Hindu architecture. It is ornamented with precious stones and the verses from the Holy Quran. You can contact the travel agents in Kolkata and ask them to make arrangements for the tour to Agra.

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