Tours of London and Britain: Top 6 Traditional British Dishes to Enjoy in London

British restaurant

If you are looking for authenticity and tradition, the United Kingdom is among the popular destinations that attract tourists from all over the world. Apart from a large variety of local beers, the destination has some of the most delicious dishes, which are extremely traditional and mouthwatering than you may have ever thought. Thanks to the weather conditions, London is the ideal land for farming, which increases the chances of cooking flavored, fresh and traditional dishes. In this article, we have mentioned top traditional British dishes to enjoy in London.

  • Welsh Rarebit

Mouthwatering and delicious, Welsh Rarebit is a chic version of cheese on toast. It is created using grated Cheddar or Stilton cheese along with mustard and beer sauce. When both cheese and sauce are mixed together with egg, placed on bread slice and is grilled in oven, the dish is made. It is extremely popular among the travelers traveling to London.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Love to mop-up with the juices of the meat? Try Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding. It is a traditional roast dinner with lamb or beef and delicious Yorkshire pudding that should be extremely light.

  • Fish and Chips

You will love fish and chips if you like nice and crispy food. Often served with a simple wedge of lemon, it is light, tasty and a must try.

  • Kedgeree

Kedgeree is a delicious Anglo-India dish that is cooked using basmati rice curry spices, smoked haddock and hard boiled eggs. It is the regular Sunday brunch dish in London on a Sunday.

  • Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

It is the national dish of Scotland, which is made from offel. Offel is boiled with oats and bran for more than 3 hours in a casing of a sheep’s stomach, which makes it unique and a must have. It is usually served with potatoes and turnips.

  • Stilton and Walnut Pie

If you are a vegetarian, Britain offers great vegetarian food for you as well. Apart from around 3 to 4 million Britons that do not eat meat, a lot of vegetarians also visit the UK.

Apart from the above mentioned traditional dishes, London is popular for a lot of other amazing tourist attractions. Thanks to the web, it is no longer difficult to plan a visit to London. You may book driving tours of London and Britain to make the most of your trip.