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Toussaint L 'Ouverture And The Louisiana Purchase

Toussaint L’Ouverture is the man who brought the pressure to Napoleon Bonaparte. This military pressure causes Napoleon to sell Louisiana to the United States for a mere two cent per acre. Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton played important roles in the acquisition of this vast territory that double the size of what was then identified as the United States. Some historians have overlooked this person born with the status of an animal yet exhibited the military skill of a Hannibal during the Punic wars with Rome.

Toussiant was forty-eight and had seen enough brutal treatment of his people. He devised a plan that would place him in a position to learn the thinking of the people who now ruled the island known at that time as Count de Breda in St. Domingue, now known as Haiti. He became a carriage driver and was so passive that the owner pointed him out as the model slave. Little did they know a military mind had locked in on a plan that would cause the economy to edge toward collapse? During Toussaint ‘s planning stage something was brewing in America.

Thomas Jefferson was negotiating with the French to purchase New Orleans for an estimated price of ten million dollars he wanted control of the port at New Orleans where millions of dollars in export was leaving and making America wealthy. When his agents informed him of what was occurring in St. Domingue he secretly informed his agent he would starve Toussaint out and attempt to keep a lid on the occurrence rather than have the enslaved in American find out and rebel also. This is an odd individual, Thomas Jefferson; he had all of the letter concerning his mother destroyed and everyone who had received a letter from her returned. Why you may ask? This is an attempt to mask his interracial background, According to J. A Roger in his small pamphlet entitled The Five Negro Presidents; Jefferson was the son of an Indigenous woman and a Virginia Mulatto father. Yes, I know many will reply I never heard that, similar to the information that is found in the books of Dan Brown, viewed as fiction but pregnant with unheard of facts. Speaking of fact Jefferson and Andrew Hamilton were constantly at odds.

Jefferson and Hamilton views on banking remain a hotbed for debate. Nevertheless, Alexander Hamilton is the one who introduced the banking system that gave America the best credit rating in the world at that time. This model was based on the Bank of England the brainchild of Nathan Rothschild. Hamilton is a very interesting character and deserves some serious attention to his birth. He similar to Jefferson, is according to Rogers the product of an interracial union. There are many accounts of Alexander Hamilton being of Negro ancestry on the Island from which he came. He had a brother according to Rogers who also came to American and was treated as a Negro, it is also reported that his brother was sold into slavery along with many other whites during this time period. And since the Founding Fathers founded America on a Roman model it would stand to reason they too would sell slave based on need not the color of their skin. The Rev. Charles D. Martin claims “ Rachel Fawcett was of mixed but arrived in America and married a mulatto. During this same time period laws were enacted to curtail the mixing of the races. Yet, the founding mother of both American and the Island were Black women who had children for their white master and the mulatto child was identified as White. Until this very day American continues to grapple with this subject so much so that any article dealing on the subject will generate thousands of comments. These comments can go from one end of the spectrum to the other introducing the latent thoughts of American on the race issue. Yet, our school history fails dismally by eliminating the teaching on how in the early colonial time Miscegenation was a hot topic then and now. There were restrictive laws for both black and white cohabitating and marriage. And some of the penalties were sever.

Yet, they these restrictions were unable to curtail this intermingling of the races. One many of the Europeans came as adventures to make a fortune and return to their native land and live well. They had no intention of taking their black or native women home with them. Whenever the subject come up I often think of the great composer Curtis Mayfield, one of his best composition is This Is My Country, and borrowing a phrase from the composition shall we live equal as a nation or …… the very thought of racial division is ludicrous for a variety of reason one in particular is the forty thousand years ago an Ice age occurred and during this time African who had migrated were caught in it and biological changes took place, due to the cold the skin no longer needed melanin, the nose no longer had to broad. These changes created what we now call the White race that genetically are in fact pale African. I am well aware that many will attempt to dispute it, but the geneticist, paleontologist, archeologist and Radio carbon technology have concluded that all life started in African, and they are unable to come up conclusively with a starting date for the time when African were not on the planet. During the airing of what became a popular series there was a episode on Star Trek that dealt with this same subject on how ludicrous this problem had become and yet even into the future it was unsolvable. The real reason is the lack of knowledge and those who have a vested interest in continued separation of people in to so-called inferior and non-inferior classes. This is the problem many European brought with them. The above information may seem on the surface off the subject, but the reader will find this very situation created many problems for Toussaint L’Overture.

This man is the number one reason for the sale of Louisiana to the United States for such a ridiculous amount. Jefferson was willing to pay 10 million for the port of New Orleans alone, this indicates how profitable the import and export business was at that time and much of that was in food that found its way to the most lucrative colony for France and when the slave who turned general, and placed the economy in disarray Europe and America made a pledge to never allow what is now known as Haiti forget and made many attempts to keep the incident quite for fear it would spread. The repression of 450, thousand black was rigorous and sever. Any attempt to break free of this repression was met with death. In 1791 the black reached their limit to repression.

In unison cane fields when up in flames and butchering whites as they fled from their blazing mansions, Toussaint was an engineer, he exhibited a level of humanity toward women and children that had not been shown to him or his people. At this time the whites finding themselves helpless sent to nearby Jamaica for assistance and upon arriving the created alliance with the mulattos. These mulattos were slaveholder and as oppressive as their European fathers. For a short time slavery was restored and the Black leader fled to the Spanish portion of the island except Toussaint. Once the monarchy was overthrown he too join the other black leaders. Once he began to win against the French they wanted him back. The reader will remember that I said earlier that the miscegenation would create a problem and here it is. Toussaint came into an extremely complicated situation the fight between slave owners, their offspring and black slaves. As unbelievable as it may seem it was rivalry between the black leaders for supremacy. They were plotting with the French, Spanish to seize control of the French portion of the island. Many of them never realized their disunity was detrimental to their cause. Toussaint first dealt with Spain once he had them in check the creation of a color blind government was next on his list along with putting the English on notice, that they have overstayed their welcome. Now Toussaint is Master of the island he made improvement on the infrastructure. His rule was that of a despot, he only appointed the most qualified for a position regardless of color. It is said of him while entertaining he placed a napkin of the breast of a young white woman whose dress was to low. “Modesty” he reprimanded her, “ought to be the chief virtue of your sex” If he was thinking his troubles were over a major error in judgment would prove fatal.

The mulattos claimed that Toussaint had betrayed them along with the whites revolted led by General Rigaud, a veteran of the American Revolution. The reader must remember that this was an ex-slave now general and leading an army that has taken on the French and won, the Spanish and won, now he will meet with the famous Bonaparte He at t his time had slaughter with the assistance of disease obliterated 60 thousand of France finest soldiers. All of France was not pleased with Bonaparte and a black Bonaparte a name that had caught on in France angered the napoleon.

When, Napoleon made his decision to crush the rebel slave who was an embarrassment to France in the mind of Napoleon, Colonel Vincent a white Haitian advised against it. The mulattos again, accused Toussaint of a collusion with both England and the United States to make himself king.

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