News Toyota Etios Cross – An Affordable Crossover from Toyota

Toyota Etios Cross – An Affordable Crossover from Toyota



A crossover can be describes as a car built on the platform of a passenger car, but consists of features of an SUV, in varied measures. It can be termed as essentially the best of both segment kind of a vehicle. A crossover normally make use of the uni-body type of construction applied in the passenger vehicles and combines it with the features of SUV like tall interiors, high seats, better ground clearance and all wheel drive among others. They also carry along with them many advantages of passenger vehicles like greater fuel economy, ease of handling and so on.

What Toyota Etios Cross will Brings for India

As Indian car buyers are warming up to the idea of crossovers, Toyota has introduced named Etios Cross for the Indian customers. As evident from the name, this crossover car is built on the same underpinnings as that of the Etios Liva – a hatchback. At the first glance, the Etios Cross may look like a burly and craggy version of the Liva. However, in reality, both cars are different from each other. The makers have tried to integrate the features of SUV and hatchback in this crossover, so that the buyer can enjoy finest features of both the cars. Etios Cross can be termed as a remodeled version of Liva with more SUV like characteristics and styling. Since the Indian market is in its nascent stage as far as crossovers are concerned, Toyota might get the first mover advantage with the Etios Cross.

Technical Specifications

Etios Cross comes in four trims – G, V, GD and VD, where G and V are petrol variants and GD and VD are their diesel equivalents. Two petrol variants and one diesel variant is what are on offer for the buyers. The petrol variant runs either on a 1.2-liter, 4-cylinder, 16 valve 1197 cc 78 bhp DOHC engine, or a 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-Valve 1496 cc 88 bhp DOHC engine. The torque produced is 104Nm and 132Nm respectively. The diesel engine is a 4-cylinder, 8-valve 1346 cc 67 bhp 170 Nm SOHC common rail engine. All these engines come coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The Etios Cross returns mileages in the range of 16 to 23 kmpl, depending on the engine used.


The Etios Cross can accommodate five adults in all comfort. It has a decent boot space of 251 liters. Other notable features include a 2-DIN Audio CD System with USB, Aux-in and Bluetooth connectivity, 3-spoked power steering wheel, front and rear door pockets, chrome accented A/C vents and Digital clock, and many more. Safety is ensured through ABS with EBD, child lock, seat belts, SRS airbags and the like.

Pricing in India

In Short, for a price tag of INR 576000/- to 740640/- the Etios Cross is a good crossover car.

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Toyota Etios Cross – An Affordable Crossover from Toyota
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