News Tracked Military Vehicles for Sale

Tracked Military Vehicles for Sale


You can find and buy tracked military vehicles for sale, even as a private citizen. While you might be thinking of tanks and armored automobiles, the fact is, there are other types you can purchase, if you know where to look for them. In this article, I’ll let you know where you can purchase them, the pecking order for purchasing, and what you can expect to find when you’re looking around for weird tracked military vehicles for sale.

Who Sells Military Surplus Vehicles?

Believe it or not, private citizens, if they have the money, can buy surplus military Hummers, cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATVs, boats, and just about anything else you can imagine. Now, don’t expect to buy something with a cannon attached, as all weapons systems and things not legal for private citizens to own are removed prior to being put up for sale to the public.

Defense Logistics Agency

The Federal Government sells off the unused and no longer wanted military vehicles. They have multiple automobiles and equipment from the armed forces up for sale by auction to the public. You can buy these, if you are the winner of the auction.

The auctions require you to register first. Background checks are performed and you must pay for the item before you take possession. You’ll find items from the Army, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, and other government defense agencies.

Pecking Order

While you’ll find tracked used military vehicles for sale on this site, you, as a private citizen, have last dibs. Listed below is the pecking order, showing who gets first dibs on the items up for sale.

Armed Forces: If the Marines no longer need a Hummer, the other agencies, like the Army, get first crack at it. Many of the items go to other agencies for reutilization purposes to save money. Still, there are many items that make it further down the list.

Other Government Agencies: Other forms and branches of the government, federal, state, or local, get the next shot at the used items for sale from the military. This means law enforcement agencies and others get the next shot. This filters out more military Hummers, tanks, planes, and ATV’s for sale.

Public: Generally sold at auction in places like the one listed above. There are almost always items up for sale. You’ll find it, if you look hard enough.

Other Places to Look

Online: Many people sell the items they buy at auctions online for profit. While you’ll pay more in many instances, it’s still a good way to go.

Government Auctions: The items they buy from the Armed Forces and defense agencies eventually go up for sale at public surplus auctions.

What You’ll Find

ATV’s: All kinds of them from amphibious 6 wheelers, to diesel four wheelers and everything in between. Many are tracked as they move better in snow and mud.

Tanks: They are for sale, if you look around. It’s fully legal to own one of these, so long as they cannot shoot and meet some other requirements

Tractors/Heavy Equipment: The armed forces of the United States use these and they go up for sale, sometimes cheap, when they are done with them.

You can find and buy tracked military vehicles for sale, if you look around.

Tracked Military Vehicles for Sale
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